Engaging on Social Media

Why is it that it is easier to engage people in places like this than it is on Facebook? I can get into arguments on here (well, not here yet, but the AO) and hardly think about it afterwards. If I engage on Facebook it is going to bother me for the rest of the day.

Is it just the anonymity? I guess I don’t really care if I think any of you are idiots, but finding that out about people I actually know bothers me. Ultimately - I think I’d rather no know what my friends and family think about political topics. It’s just going to depress me. Especially since I am willing to bet that WAY too many of them are Trump supporters.

On the other hand - I am overjoyed when I find out one of them is going to vote for Biden. I just don’t think I want to take the risk though.

I both love and hate FB for showing me who people really are.

I’ve unfriended some and gained some new friends as a result of political posts. I’m pretty outspoken about IQ45 on FB. I’ve said: if you’re still supporting him, unfriend me.

I have enough smart friends. I can lose a few dumb ones. :woman_shrugging:

I probably also don’t like the idea that I might say something stupid. I don’t worry about that as much with you guys either.

I avoid politics on Facebook. People get upset. People get nasty. I can talk politics in person, in real life. And i like talking politics here. But Facebook is really bad for that.

hmmm. I don’t worry much about saying dumb stuff. I figure my friends will tell me when I do. (And they have! :rofl: )

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I’m very openly political on Facebook. Not really pre-Trump, but I can’t be friends with anyone that supports Trump, and I’m glad for evidence of some people’s true character.

seems passive aggressive. if they make posts that are pro-trump, why don’t you unfriend them yourself? if they don’t make any political posts what so ever, seems a bit pointless other than to anger them.

I don’t do politics on FB, but in 2020 I think I’m the exception. Half of my feed was political, most of it was the usual stuff, just intellectually lazy posts. Decent chunk of QAnon posts from people I went to HS with, not even going to engage with those folks.

After hiding a few people so I didn’t see their posts, still had too much politics and not enough cat pics. So last week, I deleted Facebook on my phone. I’ll still check in on specific people from time to time on my laptop.

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook. But yeah, I mute anyone who posts much political content, especially anything they copied from elsewhere. I guess I’m luckier than you. When I do venture onto facebook, it’s mostly toddler pics and other non-political content these days.

yeah, 2020 is just different even than 2016 was. prior to 2016 i was pretty apolitical. voted for Obama, but I wouldn’t have cared much if he didn’t win. Now it seems like life or death for this country.

Yeah, 2020 is different, everything is amplified. I’m tired of everyone making everything political. I think it was Patton Oswalt who joked that he wanted to eat at Arby’s but couldn’t, because he didn’t know their stance on gay marriage.

So I’m unplugging, no FB, I maintain a pretty tight Reddit feed with little politics. But yes, I’m voting. In person, my company made it a holiday. Now I’m in Kansas, so my presidential vote isn’t going to get much mileage.

yeah, company holiday for me too, but i already voted by mail. maybe i should have waited cause i like voting in person, but it seemed too risky.

Yeah I do that too.

I’ve decided to just not check Facebook at all for the next couple weeks. Actually - I’m hoping I enjoy it so much that I never go back…

I deleted FB a week ago and I already don’t miss it.

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I’d like to delete my FB account, but the # of times I’ve found out a family member is in the hospital a day late from a FB post instead of, oh, I don’t know, a text…

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I just don’t open Facebook very often. I don’t let it send alerts to my phone. I check it out every couple of weeks. I will probably avoid it until after the election, though.

I deleted the app, and open it in my phone’s browser. It’s one step “harder”, and generally keeps me from mindlessly scrolling through memes.

i’ve come to the conclusion that talking politics on social media civilly is entirely impossible. i think it’s mostly impossible to talk in a civil way anywhere really when people disagree. it’s worse on social media though because people tend to be less filtered than in person.

my mother keeps luring me into arguments on her wall that she starts with memes and then eventually is begging me in text to disengage. it’s annoying. i need to just not engage in the first place rather than have her tell me to stop. my mother and i are on the same side, but she has a bunch of trumpkin friends who are infuriating, and one dude who is voting for the libertarian who is all “both sides!” thinking he’s above it all and is even more infuriating. meanwhile he doesn’t even know the name of the libertarian candidate. he said “jo johnson”. i’m like, uhhhh do you mean Jo Jorgensen? i’m not even voting for her, and you are, but I at least know her name. my god…

i think i need to control myself from engaging in the first place on my mother’s wall. suddenly i’m the bad guy now because i called trump a psycho. like of all the bad things you can say, calling trump psycho doesn’t seem high up there. i gave many legit reasons why he’s terrible beyond a generic “psycho” before that.