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If you want a new job and/or to get paid a lot more than you do now, uh, now’s the time. I’m really feeling this at the moment with my sum total of 1 candidate after… 2 weeks? Where were all these jobs when I was still on a TN and only had 60 days before getting booted back to Canada!?

Job posting?

Pretty sure I would have to pay to post that :tfh:

You’re in the food and hospitality business??

We’re hiring at my firm too and have had similar struggles…


start paying a livable wage then


It was already heading in this direction in 2019, market was definitely hotting up then.

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Related article, close enough :grin:

I figured that most people in tech kept their jobs and WFH, maybe they like it so much why bother looking for anything new?

when can students with just exam p passed get 5 offers with barely any effort?

I can attest to this. Changed in 2019 for a significant amount more money per year and less stress/ working significantly fewer hours

The thing is, various companies are now looking at telling people that WFH is over, and they’ve gotta go back to the cube farm.

I was talking w/ some co-workers yesterday about that. We were fine w/ going back in the office, but we figure some would quit should the WFH option get closed. So there may be an increase in remote employee supply soon… but if you’re trying to compete w/ a non-WFH option, you will have to sweeten the deal a lot.

Relevant post from a few days ago on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Insurance/comments/o1krnl/message_to_travelers_from_a_current_employee/

I’d switch companies if you have a Travelers policy. That company will be gone in no time with that kind of philosophy.

I heard they laid off a bunch of actuaries a while back. Like two figures but that’s a big number in actuary land.

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