Early morning turkey hunt

Beautiful morning, watched the moon set and the sun rise. Heard lots of turkeys, heard some deer. But in terms of pew pew, the turkeys were a no show.

Aren’t you suppose to go where there are turkeys?

At least, that’s how we hunt in Colorado.

I see one.
A real big one.

That ain’t me, it’s the 6’4" wall that’s my kid. I used to take him hunting when he was 14. Now he takes me hunting.

Seems like a nice kid. He ain’t no jive turkey.

What are the large birds in the photo?

A pair of wild turkey walked across my yard the other day, about 6’ from the house.


Turkeys fly out of their roost in the morning and scatter a bit. They call each other to regroup. So we set up decoys and call ‘i am here’ in Turkey. Turkeys come over, see the decoys and come screaming because the decoys might be having sex. Then,boom.

It’s a really wild time to see Tom’s fanning their tails, gobbling and strutting in front of the decoys.

Added: The deer was pretty cool as well. Didn’t see them, but heard them. When deers get pissy, they huff/exhale like they’re blowing out candles or something. So we’re sitting all quite and we can hear the deer huffing at us, I guess they didn’t like the blind.
One of the cool things about hunting is sitting in the wilderness for a few hours, just listening to what’s going on. It’s a whole different world if you sit somewhere quiet for 1/2 an hour. When you walk in somewhere a lot of things go silent, but after about a 1.2 hours they start living their lives again.

Sounds like the ultimate cock block