How many dystopias are we going to get?

So far, it looks like we are headed for 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and The Handmaid’s Tale. Am I missing any?

Which one is going to win? Or, are they all going to be forced to have babies with each other?



City of Ember?

Note that Neil Shusterman wrote the Unwind Dystology based on real news articles about the “donation” of various body parts. Of all of the dytopias out there, this one seems to be the one most likely to take place (or some variation of it) the soonest, IMO.

Brave New World always felt closest to home to me. Mass media, mass medication, class/education divide. More about people wanting to be controlled than some evil dictator. Some Vonnegut comes to mind. Also the original Rat Utopia experiments. But I don’t know… I can’t think of anything that well describes our current Social Media problems.

We are getting uncomfortably close to “The Every” which has overtones of “We”, the predecessor to 1984 and BNW.

Margaret Attwood’s “Oryx and Crake Trilogy” and Omar El Akkad’s “American War” are excellent dystopian tales. Those books and “The Road” are climate/related.

Both “The Circle” and “The Every” by Dave Eggers focus on social media control of our lives. Both are dystopian but very believable possibilities in the near future.

Let me know when Charlton Heston begins pounding his fist into the sand of some remote beach yelling about some maniacs finally really doing it.

That’s when I’ll know things have gotten really bad.


Speaking of Charlton Heston and dystopias, it seems appropriate to remind everyone that Tuesday is Soylent Green day.

In this dystopia, the twist is that we’re all Charlton Heston, and instead of a beach we’re on Twitter screaming out some hot garbage conspiracy theory.

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And it will also be too late then to prevent it

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They’ll finally make a monkey out of him!

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I don’t recall who owned stuff in 1984. Some variation where the uber-wealthy are running things behind the scenes.

1984 modelled on Soviet Union so wealth held by the Party.

it’s always Hunger games in my house

Waterworld imo

I thought for a while we were headed into the dystopia described by the “Feed” trilogy.

(Driving cross-country in mid-March 2020 while listening to those audiobooks was very creepy.)

Mad Max

Oddly enough, I can see City of Ember and Mad Max overlapping quite a bit.