Dustin Diamond battling stage 4 cancer

poor screech :frowning:

‘Saved By The Bell’ Star Dustin Diamond Battling Stage 4 Cancer (msn.com)

Rough times for Diamond :frowning:

I wish the announcement had come out before the celebrity death pool entry deadline.

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If you’re lucky, he hangs around the next 350 days and you put him on your list in 2022.

finally found out what type of cancer it is. stage 4 lung cancer, and he never smoked :frowning:

Dustin Diamond fears lung cancer was caused by ‘mold’ in hotel rooms (msn.com)

If you’ve never smoked and get lung cancer… that’s generally an extremely bad prognosis.

Not as bad as pancreatic cancer, but still pretty bad.


woah, that was fast :frowning: so young.

RIP Screech

Very sad. :frowning: