Drunk Thoughts

Alcohol doesn’t improve wordle skills.


These are really buzzed thoughts so there’s a spectrum allowed.

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There are a lot of skills not improved by being buzzed. Darts and bowling seem to get better though, don’t over think it when buzzed.

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Stupid autocorrect, turned skillz into skills


I finally got the damn thing on the last try.

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There is a sweet spot with just the right amount of alcohol and bowling.


It’d be funny if the wordle word was skillz.


Years ago, when I was visiting Japan, I always thought my Japanese skills were the best when I was drunk.

Of course, my skills weren’t any better when I was drunk, I just mis-evaluated my skill more when I was drunk.

When I was sober, I could tell I had no clue what people were saying to me.

Response to my theory that alcohol lets me express myself better by acting as a lubricant. “I wouldn’t say you make more sense, but you give me more words to work with.”


The “Actuary Speak Translation” thread on GoEmergencyDoc.org must be epic.


Master’s master: “So I asked him to walk the dog, but he came back with a yo-yo” :dog:


When I was in college, I used to go to a pool hall w/ friends

I used to say that the more they drank, the better I got at pool

I remember in college we took data and made a graph of beers vs. skill for various games like pool and darts. The graph was basically a steady ramp up and then a cliff when you had a bit too much.

There was someone who often drank during our study group in college and one night seemed to get better with more alcohol ingested. “After another beer I’ll be as smart as JFG!”

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And darts.

And driving.

And surgery.

What the cool kids do in college…

Ahhhh…Where’s the flashchat?


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