Donald Rumsfeld, a ‘visionary’ whose reputation was ‘soiled’

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“Donald Rumsfeld being described as ‘a visionary’ makes me sick. The man was a war monger, a murderer, an imperialist. He is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands and the displacement of millions more,” musician Laura Jansen tweeted.

“Turns out Donald Rumsfeld was an incredible ‘visionary’ before the Iraq War came along and ‘soiled’ him. He was the real victim of the Iraq War all along. Thanks, AP,” journalist Michael Tracey added.

There are some serious accusations (of course more like unproven allegations as no freedom loving American could be this bad) in here

My opinion of him did not improve when, during my work as a UN weapons inspector charged with disarming Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) capabilities, I had the occasion to debrief General Wafiq al-Samarrai, the former head of military intelligence under Saddam Hussein. Samarrai provided the Iraqi perspective on a pair of visits made by Rumsfeld to Iraq – one in December 1983and another in March 1984 – and the consequences of these visits.

He noted that the purpose of Rumsfeld’s two high-profile missions to Baghdad, where he served as a direct envoy of then-president Ronald Reagan, was to foster a better relationship between the two nations in an effort to make joint cause against their common enemy, Iran. This goal, however, was complicated by Iraq’s ongoing use of chemical weapons against Iran, which put the US in the difficult position of having to condemn Iraq at the same time as it was seeking better relations.

The irony of the US angst, Samarrai told me, was exposed later, when, as a result of the Rumsfeld missions, the US began sharing intelligence with Iraq that helped the Iraqi military target Iranian troop concentrations. This intelligence was critical to Iraq’s success in the second battle of al-Fao, in April 1988, during which the Iraqis used information gleaned from US satellite imagery to help target Iranian defenses with chemical weapons, leading to the destruction of Iranian forces and the recapture of the Fao peninsula.

According to Samarrai, the US intelligence personnel who sat with him inside the military headquarters complex in Baghdad knew what the Iraqi plans were, including the use of chemical weapons, and how the intelligence they were providing would facilitate the deployment of those weapons.

How did we know Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?
We had the receipts.

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