Doggo thread

The dogs in this thread are very good dogs. 14/10


I got up after sitting for several hours and the dog just looked at me. You know the look.

So I go to let her out and all of her toys are sitting on the rug by the door. I guess she was going to take them outside and bury them but I never opened the door.


To get a bit of morning exercise (basically pushups and situps), I arose a few minutes early. The puppy thinks it’s a new game to play with me. The 9-year old mini Schnauzer tries to push the puppy away so that he can play. :smiley:

The dog just audibly farted, and seemed to surprise herself doing so. She got off the sofa and was looking around like WTF was that.


Or someone else blamed the dog.

When I go out of town for a few days, I prefer to take the dog to this place in the sticks. A woman boards a few dogs at a time at her house. I got a blurry video of her romping today.


The dog or the woman? Afraid to press play.

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You get a gratuitous hand shot of the woman. No elbow is revealed in the video.

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I love weimaraners so much.

They are great family dogs. Better than labs imo. But they are high anxiety and high energy, not for most people. My spouse walks the dog at least an hour a day, and we only have one because we are both wfh. They can’t be left alone for long periods of time.
The dog had a good time up north though. Off the leash and in the bush running wild.
She’s a hunting breed, but useless. I shot a grouse and she was scared of it. Then she had a grouse walk by her within 10 feet…no reaction lol.