Dog poop confidence

My wife says I look way better walking down the sidewalk when I look up. But I look down most of the time to avoid the dog poop. You see, I thought about it but when I look at other people they just straight up step on the poop. They don’t even stop and check to see if the squishy substance they stepped on was poop.

Do normies not care about that or what? I got 100% carpet at home so it’s not something I would tolerate.

Just tell her that looking up is actuarial flirting and you love her too much to do that.

I thought this was going to be about a dog’s confidence when it poops. Reminded me of this mug.

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Rarely, is there poop on the sidewalk. I look down when crossing the grass

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Dog poop on the sidewalk is relatively rare here in my experience. People not picking up dog poop is too common, but most dogs don’t choose to poop on the sidewalk.

Applies to human poop too

You mean that you can’t see shit from several feet away?

FTR, it’d be goose crap that I’d be far more concerned about as that stuff can sometimes blend in with the underlying concrete.

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Looking up you see the poop far away and just mentally remember where it is. Better posture too.

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Or about someone’s confidence that’s at dog poop levels.

I’ve seen human poop. Less so dog poop.

Seems like someone lives in a shitty neighborhood.


Not really there’s usually hundreds of people right in front so the wall of people covers the pavement.

So . . . either notice the “gap” in the crowd or assume that all the others will “take care of it” before you get there.

The large, solid round/oblong dookies are the easiest to see from a distance. But it’s the diarrhea-like smears that are sometimes indistinguishable from dirt from a distance that I would like to avoid.

My mailbox seems to be a place that someone lets their dog(s) poop by and not clean up. So, instead of being mad and aggressive, following those assholes home with his/her
dogs’ poop and smearing it on their house’s windows
, I’m going to make a coat hanger bag dispenser and hang it on my mailbox to see what happens. Picture coming of said creation.

Isn’t it better to see what’s ahead of you by looking up? You can avoid dog poop AND walking into something.

I’ve had to get used to looking ahead of me when riding my scooter. It wasn’t natural at first. Guess I tend to look at my feet too much in general too.

I had that happen frequently at my old house. The same folks would also let their dog poop in our yard right by where my wife would park her car on the street, which was also a horrible spot. I bought one of those ornamental signs that said something like “please scoop the poop” which did help. I also yelled at one guy I caught letting his dog poop in my yard and walking off, which also may have helped.

I’d say there are about 1 in 5 dog owners that think letting their dog poop in others yards is ok. That is a horrible statistic.