Does biological gender exist?

Most women’s underwear is too narrow in the middle to encapsulate the full three-piece set, so I’d say there’s an inherent conflict there, irrespective of culture.

This post is, of course, entirely based on observation and speculation.

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and men’s underwear would be too big for women and not make much sense functionally either.

Psh, my favorite underwear is boxer briefs! I like the granny panty tent look, too. Very comfy.m

Actually, a lot of the lesbians I know wear boxers or boxer briefs. Not sure if they’re designed for male or female biology. They are all cis women, as far as I know, but it’s not an uncommon thing.

i stand corrected.

well, i’m not sure a person who has man parts can wear women’s thongs. then again, women’s thongs are terrible wedgy builders and i’d never wear those either.

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Buying the right underwear helps. Don’t buy bikini briefs or thongs. Figure out the right size. If you are looking up sizes online, remember your pants use vanity sizing so you can’t use your pants size to figure out your dimensions and have to measure.

Men’s underwear has huge functionality problems for men too. For example, most men’s underwear has a tiny hole in the front for the fly that is too small to actually be used. And they tend not to be made from good fabrics. Comfort wise, panties that fit > boxers >>> boxer briefs >>>>> briefs.

Yes and no. Some people swear by thongs for tucking, so certainly they are doable. That commits you to being tucked for the entire day and also strikes me as a day long wedgie waiting to happen so I’ll stick with my hipsters. Oh, and if you don’t know what tucking is, don’t google it at work.

I don’t think transwomen are coming at this from a comfort standpoint anyway. High heels are not comfortable either, but women wear them because they want to appear more feminine.

If small tight thongs were a sign of masculinity in our culture, I guarantee you most men would still wear them

I almost never wear high heels. I care about not destorying my feet and comfort

Not sure what you’re saying here.

Responding to these. Comfort doesn’t seem to be a hindrance when it comes to its assignment to sex. We do things for sexual appeal that are uncomfortable frequently.

High heels are not really as in style anymore as they used to be. Women care about comfort in recent times.

Doesn’t really detach it from its attachment to femininity. Any caricature of hyper femininity will involve high heels.

It’s whatever you want it to mean. Take for example the blue-green spectrum. Some cultures consider it a single color, others two, and the line between where the color becomes blue or green varies. There’s no law of the universe that states that you can’t divide the spectrum into 3, 4, or an infinite number of colors. It’s just your subjective interpretation and categorization of perceived phenomena.

I’ve never understood the concept of gender.

Sex, I get. It’s usually binary, sometimes there are anomalies like intersex or other unusual situations.

Gender… ???

It’s all a social construct. I don’t discount the concept of trans people, all the power to them. However I’ve always found it ridiculous that we have toys and clothes and bathrooms and jobs specified by the perceived gender roles dictated by genitals at birth.

It would be interesting to see where gender is in 100 years, after the effects of birth controls, relatively safe childbirth, and accurate paternity tests have had time to fully develop and percolate.

For example, i wonder if so many people would be as comfortable having children out of wedlock without reliable paternity tests. Does that mean we don’t need the presumption of paternity as much as in past history?

Incidentally, in a way, paternity has historically been mostly socially constructed. Marriage, not any kind of biological identification, established paternity. And my understanding is that even now, legally establishing paternal rights means showing a pattern of providing for the child. Genetics has little to do with it.

That makes some sense to me, as individuals with penises can pee standing up, and don’t need to dispose of pads / tampons.

I feel 1 bathroom with urinals and sitting toilets makes far more sense than 2, one with toilets and one with toilets and urinals. Lots of extra waste to make 2. A tiny disposal can adds almost no cost. But that’s my personal drum I always beat.

Just yesterday I used the bathroom of the opposite sex. IDGAF.

I’ve noticed that most shops near me that used to have men’s rooms and women’s rooms now just have bathrooms. I went to the mall the other day, and needed a toilet. I found a cluster of four single-user restrooms. Two were handicapped accessible and had changing tables, and the other two were smaller and just had a stall and a sink. I guess men had to pee in a toilet, like most of them do at home. All four restrooms were large enough that you could have brought your five-year-old in with you.

Anyway, this seems like an improvement to me over sex-designated restrooms.


I went to a bar on Staten Island last Saturday with single use bathrooms, but they were assigned a gender. The women’s bathroom was in use, so I went to use the mens room which was empty. The bouncer stopped me. still annoyed by that.

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In my state, with my disability, that would actually be illegal. (I think this is true in 24(?) states.)

So far I haven’t had to threaten to shit on the floor, but I’m fully prepared to give and act on that threat if somebody stopped me. Try to prosecute me for being disabled, fuck you, let’s go. I’ll have the ADA on my side. In the meantime I’ll use my sex’s bathroom if available and the other if not.