Does anyone worship Trump?

With the golden idol that was made of him for this CPAC convention, it had me wondering… are there people out there that seriously worship him? I don’t just mean think highly of him, I mean truly go through some sort of ritual to deify him.

Trump's Indian worshipper dies 'depressed' over president's COVID-19 illness | Reuters

There was this guy in India but he died.

In the literal sense of the world ‘worship’ doubtful … there’s always a sucker somewhere.

In terms of undying devotion to him and they’ll believe anything he says, no matter how ridiculous, … oh, hell yes.


They believe he was sent by God to do God’s work. Now some think God’s work is saving all the babies from Biden and the other baby killers, and some are full QAnon believing he will take down the cabal of pedophiles in the deep state. It is why they cling to the march 4th or military coup that will put Trump into his rightful place. It has to be, it’s God’s will.

I am starting to see some voices in the evangelical media split away from these overly Trump is god’s gift position. I heard one say Biden is the legal, rightful president and appointed by God (of course everything is God’s will in their view). He was directly calling out/asking QAnon Christians to realize they were straying from Christianity. He mentioned that he knows he will lose listeners for taking this position.


But Godley (britney spears) is worth worshipping