Do you take dietary supplements?

I considered putting this question in the Fitness forum, but I’m asking about supplements for general health, not stuff like pre or post workout supplements, or weight gain/loss. Make sense? There’s overlap of course, but think general health.

zinc picolinate: 50 mg daily
magnesium: 400 mg every other day
quercetin w/bromelain: 400 mg daily
CoQ10: 100 mg daily
C: 1000 mg daily
D3 & k2: 5000 IU daily

I go through phases.

I’m done with my magnesium and vit D, so taking a break.

Now I’m just on fiber, and some secret supplement not known to the world yet that prevents/cure cancer (no it’s not a joke. And I wouldn’t believe it either, but it’s from a doctor we know and the study results are indisputable).

Oh and also protein powder but that’s because I work out.

Magnesium citrate and omega 3.

Sometimes vitamin d, sometimes a multivitamin with vitamin d.

I feel like I’m still too young to look into stuff like nmn, but it’s on my radar for like a decade from now.

Trying to get back to the gym more regularly, so protein powder and creatine.

Daily medication though:

  1. reflux pill
  2. blood pressure pill
  3. prep


2000 IU of D3 every morning with my other pills.
Immunity Sleep gummies (melatonin, C, zinc, echinacea) at bedtime.

Flintstones vitamins

I take those around the time I donate blood.

Creatine on the regular.

Melatonin if I want to get to sleep quickly (take it about half hour before bed)

Pre-workout before, um, working out for the caffeine.

That’s about it. My diet is diverse enough that I think I get enough nutrients thru the day.

Depending on where you live, you might consider supplementing vit D part of the year. Seems to play a role in fighting colds, flu, Covid. Sunlight is superior of course. I use an iPhone app called dminder to know when the sun is at an angle (location specific) that allows for vit D creation.

Edit: vit D3, not D2. Also, combine with k2 (you can get D3 k2 combined) to not leech calcium from bones

the science of vitamins is flimsy at best

actually, the science of supplements in general.

Yes, it’s pretty hard to get good studies. What studies there are seem to suggest that for the vast majority of people, the vast majority of supplementation is unnecessary and unhelpful.

However if you do have a deficiency for whatever reason, it might be helpful.

Anecdotally I feel I wake up a good deal more refreshed after I started supplementing with Magnesium. Could be it’s just placebo but idgaf.

hey, placebo is good enough for me.

Magnesium helps with locked jaw. If you get my drift.

Vit D is more like a hormone afaik. Not well named? Anyway, first source is sunlight once the sun is 35 degrees above horizon. Supplementation helps keep the levels up during winter months, especially if you live in more northern climes. And if you have darker skin and live far from equator.

I think I spend plenty of time outside.

And I drink several glassed of milk a week.

5000 IU of D3
1440 mg omega-3 in 2400 mg fish oil
1 Centrum silver multivitamin

Forgot to add, I also take a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning.

Has anyone tried that “challenge” thing where supposedly if you add balsamic vinegar to a fruit-flavored fizzy water beverage, it’s supposed to taste like Coca-Cola?

Skin issues so taking vitamin D since I don’t spend that much time in the sun. Also take niacinamide since I’m told it helps prevent the formation of basal cells, though I get so many that I doubt it really helps. Take vitamin C and zinc when I want an extra immune boost.