Do me a solid

I need you to do something for me: go to the google & search for “clihe” (without the quotes (or with them (I don’t care))) and report back here with what the first result is.

Mine is Climate Change and Health (CLIHE) - Academy of Finland

Here’s the backstory:
I’m typing up an email & want to include the word “cliche” but I want it spelled correctly with the acute e (cliché). Since I’m on my laptop, Alt 0233 won’t work, so I went to google knowing that the results would include the é & then I could just copy/paste it. However, I mistyped “cliche” as “clihe”. The first result was Finnish-related. I was wondering if that result was influenced by my browsing history or if it’s pretty universal.

I’ll try to add a poll.

What was your first result when googling “clihe”?
  • Yes, I also got “Climate Change and Health (CLIHE) - Academy of Finland” as my first result.
  • No, I got a different result. I may or may not share it below.
  • I have 42 different potatoes that need peeling before I do any fancy schmancy internet searches, Frank said.

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But google did ask me if I meant cliche



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Mine autocorrected for reason a part the female anatomy

Not Mulva


Time to clear your browser history.

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Just one more check of everything…

Ok, done

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