DNGAF Friday

I am definitely not a power user of Excel. :man_shrugging: :older_man:

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Well, you did say " light actuarializing", so, there’s that.

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Stoopid yearend: gotta GAF today and prolly on the weekend too. Wah. :cry:


I was more productive in January than I expected to be, but I think I am going to be bored out of my mind at the office more frequently in February and March.

You can come work for me, I’ve got a large and growing backlog.

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Sounds like you are looking for a part time remote P&C actuary. I know just the person…

It’s health, but I’m sure you’d figure it out. How complicated can it be, right?

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I worked for Wellmark BCBS for three years calculating the impact of provider fee schedule change, wrote lots of SQL code, detected fraud looking at the distribution of codes billed, etc right as ACA was becoming a thing.

(sorry folks I don’t want to sound desperate for a job of anything, I’m just happy to surprise him with a touch of health experience, that’s all)

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I used to help out with this on the provider side - oncology. Good times.


Sounds like the makings of an actuarial true-crime special

Ah yes, provider reimbursement rates, that’s where I started my career. Kinda sounds like we have very similar career paths, actually.

It’s just yrt for life folks.

I took this morning off for PT and other errands but alas, now I am working.

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Daddy doing some yearend actuarializing. Wah. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :dizzy_face:

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sucks to be you!!!

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Got some stuff accomplished yesterday, gonna do some more today. About a 3-4 on the GAF-o-meter.

ETA: Got more stuff done, got some minor differences to figure out. Still, yearend is for suckers. :frowning: :-1:

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Almost done with the wreckonciliations. Chasing down some piddly :poop: differences.

Yearend sucks AND blows!!!

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Almost time for a yearend update meeting, then some statement work. About a 3 on the GAF-O-meter.

We’re more than a month down, it’ll be YE by the time you’re done with YE!

The yearend is not over, it goes on, Judah…