This is a thread to discuss scuba diving, snorkeling, and free diving. None of that springboard or platform diving nonsense. Take that somewhere else. And, NO SHENANIGANS. Ok, maybe a little bit of shenanigans.

Alternate thread titles considered:

Water sports
Snorkeling and other fun stuff
Playing with sea creatures
Words that start with D

One thing my dive instructor emphasized was to always be blowing bubbles. :diving_mask:

Never hold your breath or lungs go pop.

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The BCD I ordered last week.

It is official. I am now a certified open water diver. Fishes beware! I am going to watch you while you go about your fish business!

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New Shereef in town!

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:100: :trophy: :tropical_fish: :whale: :desert_island: :tropical_drink:

I’m officially hooked. Currently doing the book work for my Advanced Open Water cert and Nitrox specialty courses. And, I’ve booked the flight and paid for my Key Largo dive trip in December. Besides a navigation dive and deep dive, I think we’re doing boat dives and a night dive in a lagoon.

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