Did she get off too easy?

97-year-old former secretary at Nazi Stutthof death camp convicted by German court (nbcnews.com)

  • fry the old bitch in a gas chamber
  • not guilty - she was just a secretary.
  • a 2 year suspended sentence was the correct punishment

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Is there supposed to be a link?

Just a secretary? hard to say without knowing what she was being tried for. Secretary of State?

At 97, I feel the public exposure of what she was is probably enough, no prison wants to deal with end of life care.

does the link at the top of my post not work? it works for me.

Purposes of justice/jail:

For a 97 year old, the only one you’re getting out of those for is retribution. Which IMO should be the least of those four. Though I certainly can understand the sentiment.

We had a nazi locally here in Waterloo region. The government tried to strip him of his citizenship for like 25 years and finally succeeded. The guy died at 97 before they could actually implement kicking him out. So he spent the last 25 years of his life battling this in court, and I assume unable to use his real name to make reservations at local restaurants (he was in the news all the time around here).

And based on some limited experience, I would not be surprised if there were a few ancient nazis still barely clinging to life around this area, or ones that have died in the last 5-10 years of old age.

Yeah I’d say so. She even married an SS officer after WW2 when it was more well-known to everyone what the SS did.

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i didn’t see it as a link

I nearly put her in my Dead Pool entry

While it isn’t this precise case, Google pointed me to this paper that explores the question of whether a different geezer Nazi got off with a too-light sentence.

Probably, although I would think by now the leaders are mostly dead. My BFF’s father (that I mentioned in another thread an hour ago) died a couple of years ago. He was born in 1931, IIRC, and was only 13 when he was basically forced to serve.

If you were even 25 years old in 1945 that would make you over 102 today, so most of those folks are going to be dead now. I doubt too many sub-25-year-olds were in any sort of leadership roles and I do think the rank-and-file belong in a different category unless they were really going above and beyond following orders. Certainly if they were raping and torturing for fun then absolutely fry ‘em even if they are centenarians.

As for the OP… I voted “two year suspended sentence was the correct punishment” but I think it would really depend on the circumstances.

As I mentioned in the other thread, my friend’s father was forced into the military because his stepfather overheard him calling Hitler an idiot.

Why was this woman a secretary at the concentration camp? Did she say “ooooh job opening where they kill Jews… sounds like a great career move and a great place to work: sign me up!” or did her second cousin by marriage overhear her saying that being a lesbian shouldn’t be a capital crime and then the SS showed up at her door step and forced her to serve her country or be killed? Was she taking the temperatures of naked prisoners every half-hour to see how quickly or slowly they died from hypothermia and what their body temperatures were along the way or was she managing payroll for the guards?

I think I’d feel differently about it depending on the answers to those questions. It’s a little difficult to fathom that she really didn’t know what was going on at the camp, so I would certainly start with a high degree of skepticism about that particular claim.

Well that’s not cool. Doesn’t automatically make her guilty of anything that happened during the war, but it certainly suggests that she probably wasn’t mortified by what went on in Nazi Germany.

I didn’t see that in ao_fan’s link… assume you saw / heard that somewhere else? Or did I miss it?

According to the link, she was an 18 year old shorthand secretary. Yeah, she knew what was happening. But she’s 97. God will get her soon.

Yeah. These guys are likely 90ish now so probably too young. So I guess they were just German. They were just very dgaf about you, and we’re quite open about.making sure you knew it.

I turned down a drink once and one of them said, well f*** you then if your won’t have a drink with me. We showed up to this remote camp once before my buddy arrived. Knocked on the door and said we where here with our buddy who wasn’t with us, but he’d be along shortly. The old guy said, I don’t know anything about that and closed the door on us.

I would say 1932 is about the latest anyone could have been born and had any real connection whatsoever. And probably early 1932 at that. And that would be serving in the military, or a jugenklub (youth club).

They were definitely desperate by the end and taking just about anyone in the military… as I said, my friend’s dad was only 13. He wasn’t running a concentration camp by any means, but he (disdainfully) wore the uniform.

But I’m guessing that the children of true Nazi believers are disproportionately likely be assholes, so that might be what you’re dealing with.

If the Hocker album is anything to go by, the secretaries were having a jolly time.

Well my brother in law calls them the hitler youth so maybe that’s more accurate lol.

I thought the standard name was “Hilter Youth”

it was

I wish there was a choice between gas chamber and suspended sentence, something like, spend the rest of her life in jail. If she spent years in a concentration camp and didn’t lift a finger to help people being mass murdered. If she helped at least one person one time, sure, leave her alone.