Did I overstudy?

I have the same thing for pre 2000 credits that were assigned to post 2000 exams. For me it was 1 and 4. I think it equated to courses 100, 110, 120, and 160.

Perhaps the SOA was using a Roman font for its numbers?

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Ow. I normally have to pay for that level of abuse.

But you’re not wrong.

Better to overstudy than understudy, though being an understudy can be good if the lead actress gets injured in a softball game.

OH! You’re not here for an argument?

NGL, this was top of mind watching the VP debate.

say again? :face_with_head_bandage:

Not gonna lie. I’m down with the street lingo. Not that I understand half the acronyms here. People are posting :acronyms: from the AO and I’ve no idea what they are.

In many cases, the :xxxx: is a text version of an emoji that was parsed when posted.

For example: :toth: <-- “tip of the hat” emoji

Getting an 11 is easy. Can you get a 10 is the real question? (I did, once)

Congrats, that’s a ton of rigour you must’ve applied.

I’m confident that I’m not a 10.

Actually it was Exam 2 (Probability/Statistics) in 1996.
I had taken the exam before in college and scored a 4. Then I started my first job and wasn’t immediately useful so I got study time until I couldn’t stand it anymore.
Never had that problem again.

I passed the 2nd exam in 1996 too. It was course 110. I think I got an 8. Was also my 2nd time taking it.

Me too, was the first exam and I had no clue what the pass mark was. It was a review of calc and linear algebra that I had taken in high school and college so I just needed a couple weeks of taking Actex problems.