Diagnosis and screening

Also consistent with post-nasal drip causing the sore throat… since you’re not blowing your nose overnight when you’re sleeping… more runs down your throat, causing greater irritation.

Again, sounds like it’s probably not Covid. But don’t take my word for it.

Sneezing a lot is supposed to be a tell-tale sign of delta. Google sneezing and delta. There are a bunch of news stories from early August.

Interesting. Read five articles so far. One mentioned excessive sneezing as a symptom of delta. Four did not mention sneezing at all (or only as a symptom of something else, such as allergies or common cold).

Well regardless, soy should get tested to be sure and stay away from others until getting the results.

Really? My whole first page of results mention sneezing in every single blurb.



Anecdote in lieu of data: With my wife’s recent breakthrough case of COVID (presumably Delta), we initially thought she was having issues with her allergies, because of the sneezing.

I’ve got an appointment for a test tomorrow (earliest I could find). No new symptoms yet.




Congratulations :clap:

I’ve been having Covid-like symptoms for about 48 hours. Got tested yesterday and still waiting for results. :grimacing:

I feel like it must be Covid… I just did that trip through Covid country. Mostly avoided people except vaccinated family members, but the rest areas… :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Maybe I should have invested in a catheter or adult diapers. :grimacing:

How close were you to others in the rest areas?
Did you wear your mask at the rest areas?

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I did wear a mask in rest areas, but I was often the only one.

Not especially close to anyone… normal rest area stuff.

Also could potentially be one of hubby’s relatives who suffers from mental illness and refuses to get vaccinated. But spent very little time around that person too, and no reason to think that person has been infected other than being an anti-vaccine / anti-masker in a high-Covid area. :woman_shrugging:

:grimacing: i’m going to trump country over labor day and have some “covid does not exist plans”. hmmmmmm, not sure if i should reconsider. :thinking:

how bad do you feel @twig93? catching covid from a mere rest stop which i wouldn’t view as an overly covidy activity since you’re just in and out seems pretty scary.

I don’t know… sometimes I think I’m a hypochondriac. Have some GI symptoms and tired and yesterday & the day before I was sneezy & sniffly. Not sneezy & sniffly today though, and no fever.

I’m not abjectly miserable or anything, but if it’s one of those breakthrough cases I don’t want to go around infecting others.

yeah, those are certainly possible covid break-through symptoms, but also could be nothing at all. hopefully you find out soon.

I just checked my spam folder and I’m Covid-negative. Yay! Wonder why it is not showing up on MyChart though. :thinking:


oh good.

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So glad you’re negative, twig.

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“That’s a negative, Ghost Rider; the pattern’s full”