DGAF Friday

Seems like an appropriate time to restart this thread.

Just got off my last call for the day. motivation is approaching zero for the week.

If we’re resurrecting threads / concepts, this is WCCCF. That does wonders for motivation.

I’ve spent the week+ doing stupid ass annoying work that should’ve taken about 2 hours. Code and implementation that breaks frequently…and worse, breaks frequently but inconsistently.
Run code, it breaks. Whine at dev. Dev fixes it, tells me they’ve got it running. I run it, it breaks. Run it 10 times in a row it breaks. Run it 11 times, it runs. Just take me out back and shoot me. Still doing it right now.
Yeah, I’m ready to put this week behind me.

I see you do not care enough to realize you forgot a letter.


I GAF a little bit since new job and all, but I’m mostly useless at this point.

I hafta GAF because I’m trying to find about $6,000,000 in the reserve change. This is such a pain!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I took it.

Did you check how the fractions of pennies are being rounded? Sometimes people use that to steal stuff - of so I’ve heard…

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I did go upstairs to get a coffee. Is that when you took it???

And this after you showed me that ankle pic. I thought we had something special. :frowning_face:

We don’t use pennies any more up here. :canada:

did pretty well today… but starting to fade in the late afternoon.

So the fractions of the smallest unit can be even bigger? Score!


Oh it’s just CAD

It’s actually about $7,000,000. The accounting guy is gonna hafta 'splain this one to me. :exploding_head: :dizzy_face:

You know what I GAF about? That’s there’s no N in the title. It’s supposed to be Do Not Give A F*** Friday. :redcard:

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You drinkin’ tonight, nephew??? I sure will be!!! :relaxed:

Yep, but only if it’s cash. Pay by cash and they round up or down. Pay electronically and it’s to the penny.

Or it’s don’t give a f*** Friday, because who cares to spell it all out on dgaf Friday :joy: