Derek Chauvin sentencing

going on now!

Derek’s mother is talking about him as a good man who is totally misunderstood and stuff and pleads for a light sentence because she’ll likely be dead when he’s out otherwise.

I’m not convinced…


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I predict 15 years. His life in jail will be tough. I pray he can stay away from drugs and the rope on the inside. Hang in there buddy!

lawyer talking about how derek was a model citizen and a model police officer before this one teeny tiny oopsie murder, so go easy on him.

you’re praying for a murderer?

:laughing: not to mention didn’t he get in trouble for doing a similar thing with a teenager before?

I think he very specifically said hadn’t broken the law

I’m no prayer but shouldn’t we pray for all?


everyone is worth saving


Info in the future to give the Floyds peace of mind? hm

I didn’t know this

I don’t pray, but if I did, I wouldn’t pray for a murderer where I don’t see anything in his past that would explain why he turned into a monster. I have some sympathy for murderers who were severely abused in their lives, but he just seems evil.


You don’t have to forget he was a murderer, but I think you’re always best served by forgiving, i.e. releasing the feelings of anger, etc.

well sure, anger is a destructive emotion. for people who can just go poof and release their anger, good for them. that’s not me.

anyway, i’m not close enough to this case for my anger to overwhelm me, so I’m more speaking of people who are such as the Floyd family, or for situations like this in general.

22.5 years

yep. seems fair i think?

I don’t really know to be honest, but he did abuse a position of authority so I’m comfortable with that kind of detail being key

sounds like sentencing guidelines recommend 150 months for 2nd degree murder, but he got 270.

Makes sense. IDK if 1.8 is the right factor to load on for abuse of authority, but it’s probably at least 1.5.

The judge earlier stated four aggravating factors were present, so a 20% stack for each gets you the 1.8 factor (no idea if that’s actually why)


  1. Chauvin abused his position of trust and authority;
  2. treated Floyd with particular cruelty;
  3. he committed his crime in the presence of children “who witnessed the last moments” of Floyd’s life;
  4. and with the active participation of at least three other people.