Dem Debates

To start: I have watched exactly 0 minutes of any of the debates.

I don’t care who they nominate. I’ll vote to remove the dictator we have now.

But I’m curious how others think it’s going.

On Tuesday, Warren tweeted that the debate would contain “a live demonstration of how we each take on an egomaniac billionaire.”

Is Bloomberg truly running? Or is he just playing a part and sticking a crowbar in loosening up additional votes??

Either is fine with me. He had to know he was going to get clobbered tonight. Just things that make me go :thinking:

I do think he’s honestly running, but it sounds like he’s become a true proxy for Trump.

I did not watch either but I was very happy to hear the outcome, especially the Warren remarks,

Bloomberg’s trolling of Trump is hilarious and I love it.

The idea of Bloomberg as an actual candidate makes me ill. I try to avoid discussion of Trump policies, because I revile him so much for personal failings and I don’t want to forget that’s the reason he needs to be voted out. Doesn’t matter what laws you pass or justices you get approved if you’re that full of nasty. Bloomberg has much of that same nastiness, and he might just be enough to get me to vote third party in this election, which until a week or two ago I considered absolutely out of the question. (not that it matters, my state will be supporting Trump wholeheartedly, either way)

Most telling moment of the debate: Only Sanders was willing to support the idea that the winner of a plurality of delegates should be the nominee. They all believe it likely that this will be headed to a contested convention. That should be pleasant.

Warren was ferocious last night. Either she gets a huge bump in the polls after last night, or she needs to really consider dropping out. Because if this didn’t do it, nothing will.
I was already a Warren supporting, and I would enjoy her doing more of it to Trump.

Biden’s toast. It was easy to forget he was even on the stage.

Amy is sooooooo boring. Remember when politicians were boring? Those were the days.

Bernie continues to hold his own and seems to get stronger every debate. It’s just that everyone seems to be convinced that other people aren’t going to vote for him.