Declining bad design

So like, what do you do if your boss asks you to do something that is well, just kind of dumb from a design perspective? Like making pie charts of putting a line graph on top of a bar graph.

Usually I’m just like…uhhh no. But I feel like that’s not the most diplomatic or wise response and I am getting paid to do whatever the hell senior management wants so there’s limits to refusing these kinds of things.

But then if I do it then somebody higher up would be like, look at this amazing thing CS made and I kind of want to facepalm myself and ask quietly to keep the product anonymous, plz.

Here’s the graph you wanted and also this other graph that’s clearly better and you should use that one instead kthxbai.


are you presenting or is he?

Either way, express your concern, diplomatically, then go with his decision

If you are presenting, you might want to say something like - can I try it my way and you can decide which you like better. Can do that anyway, but I would care more if I am doing it