Deadly Halloween Celebration in Seoul

Yikes. So far 120 dead and another 100 injured but the numbers may continue to rise.

heard a lotta people died standing, not even trampled. That’s how bad the pressure was :grimacing:

i can’t imagine just how horrible this must have been. or how it happens. not even comfortable enough to read the details just yet.

Having taken NYC subways during rush hour I’ve developed an aversion to big crowds in general, as well as strategic use of elbows to create enough personal space to breathe, but I’ve seen parades and other large-crowd events where people get really selfish and lack regard for other people’s safety. Looking at Wiki I’m a bit surprised that the last large-scale human stampede in NYC was more than 30 years ago at a charity basketball game.


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It’s so awful… young people just being young people. I’m glad they are looking at their crowd control procedures and hope other countries / other police departments will follow suit. Including here in the US.

It’s a little reminiscent of the Great White concert in Rhode Island where 100 people were crushed to death after a pyrotechnic accident caused everyone to panic and scramble for the front doors.

Read an article about what to do if you’re caught in a stampede. Mostly, it was just being aware of the presence of security and where the exits are, and of course not standing in the most crowded area, but if you are stuck:

Assume a “boxer’s stance” with your elbows out and one knee facing forward.
If you fall, try to turn to your side; if you are on your back/stomach and someone falls on you, it’s likely you won’t be able to breathe.
Do not scream - nobody is listening and you are wasting valuable oxygen.

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Good to know; thank you for posting.

Also, when you are in a big crowd, go with the flow until you can find a way to slip out.

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i think i read the same article. Also, keep your arms up and not down by your sides. If your arms are down and the crush is on, you won’t be able to bring them up

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Sounds like maybe hands on hips with elbows out to enlarge your personal space?

Exactly, developed that skill in my experience as a New Yorker. Especially good to protect the ribs, and of course the pockets. Many people have the annoying habit of walking very closely behind the person in front of them, as if that is supposed to make them get somewhere faster. That’s a good time to keep the elbows up, though have to be careful since some people will complain about being “elbowed.” :crazy_face: