Cuber Nostalgia

So I got a question for you actuaries who are old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis.

How does the atmosphere compare now with today’s Russia-Ukraine standoff that’s going on right now? Were people more scared in Kennedy’s time than now?

Do I miss my office cube? No.


I too was sure this was about office cubicles

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Russia isn’t going to nuke Ukraine. Ukraine surrendered all of its nukes to Russia when the Soviet Union dissolved. Biden isn’t going to nuke Russia if it invades Ukraine. You have nothing to worry about.

I don’t miss my cube, because I’ve only been away from it for about 2 weeks.

Oh. Was a real answer expected? I’d have thought that posing a question to those here who are over, what, about 75yo was a sign that an answer wasn’t seriously being sought.

Sorry about the spelling but it’s about time we spelled it the way it’s pronounced.

Tron, Missile Command, Smash TV and Dig Dug were more my games; Qbert didn’t interest me much.

While I was alive in 1962, I don’t think I’m the oldest poster here. I also have no memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I vote “the atmosphere today has more Carbon Dioxide than in 1962 and the Ukrainians are more scared now than they were in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis”.

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I recommend a voice coach

I have heard stories from people alive during the cuban missile crisis.

I don’t think the current crisis is anywhere near as serious.

We don’t have children performing bombing drills for example.

I think i’ve read that kennedy was willing to run a 30% chance of nuclear war during that confrontation.

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Not sure how aware people in the Soviet Union were aware of how close we were to a nuclear war. If they were I am sure the Ukrainians would have been at least as scared as they are now.

I think it’s silly to think this crisis is anywhere close to the Cuban Missile Crisis. We just had one of these a few years ago when Crimea was taken. We’ll probably have another one in a few more years.

I haven’t had a true cube in about 3 years now. I guess I technically had a cube in the 2nd half of my work at Crappy Insurance Group, but it was transparent walls which were essentially white boards we could mark on, so it didn’t feel like a cube.

I don’t miss being in a cube, but it’s not like if I went back to being in a cube I’d be put off. As long as I’ve got room to work and store stuff I need, everything else is show.

This thread reminds me of the movie “Matinee.”

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I think it’s possible things will go to hell in the Ukraine, if Putin for whatever reason tries to seize Kyiv.

That could involve hundreds of thousands of deaths, and it could be awful enough to get other world powers involved.

It would be the worst thing to happen in decades.

But still nowhere near as scary as the Cuban Missile Crisis, which might very well be the scariest moment in human history.