Critical Race Theory

I dunno. I guess it depends on the details. But I think the SAT Math is closer to doing a STEM degree than an Actuarial Exam is to being an actuary.

Agree that these tests are mostly a bullshitty proxy for intelligence and commitment… Again, I think the problem is we don’t have much of alternative.

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This newspaper clipping is from 1920. Some things never change

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With them, unfortunately, went many rascals who were bent upon making money as fast as they could, and getting back North with their loot as soon as possible. These rascals were known as " carpet-baggers " because they were said to have brought nothing but carpetbags (old-fashioned valises) with them. Negro leaders and carpet-baggers voted away great sums of money to rebuild the railways, bridges, and industries of the states. They also enriched themselves out of public funds, incurring milHons of dollars of new debts ; and, shameful as it is to relate, many of them stole large sums from the public treasuries, while bribing negro voters and legislators with petty payments.

Out of curiouslity, I downloaded the text and picked a random passage on reconstruction. Don’t know how this passage could be considered repugnant to the people of the south.

Could you share the link you found to this book? I am interested in reading more excerpts from it.

The perspective of the book sounded a bit like Howard Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States”. That book contained many inconvenient truths so was controversial.

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Page 435. In my download, that page is blurry.

I still need to read this.

it popped in my head last week that I hadn’t heard this 3 letter boogeyman in a while. I actually struggled to remember the name of it and had to comb through some emails where people asked me about it.

then I saw this today:

Full headline:

A GOP Texas school board member campaigned against schools indoctrinating kids. Then she read the curriculum.

It is so much easier to manipulate people who don’t want to read.

Funny thing about all this is that she is in Texas. Their textbooks are already scrubbed clean by the publishers who want them used in Texas. For the money. Shit, they probably still memorialize the traitors and slaveholders of the Civil War.

How else are they supposed to teach about slavery states rights?

CRT got replaced by DEI.

Trumpers realized that they still had no idea what CRT means and it was becoming increasingly common to make fun of them for failing to describe why they hate it. They just had a vague concept it was “anti-white racism.” DEI is composed of easier-to-understand words. Each word in diversity, equity, and inclusion can be perceived as an attack against the straight whites. Critical race theory sounds scary but it was harder to keep legs on that boogeyman.


Also CRT was only a thing in schools (well, not even that) but DEI can be used more widely.

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i suppose that explains it well enough.