Crisis at the ASU Campus

These two guys are probably in favor of Border Control having horses too.

Can those two guys use the water fountain in that space, or do they have to use a different one??

they can use the water fountain in Flint


This is an outrage two-fer. Both sides are outraged.

The left, because these guys don’t understand that everyplace is a majority White space.

The right, because, hey, the black, hispanic, gay, whatever gets their space paid for by the university, but poor white guys aren’t welcome. Discrimination!

Dumb college kids trying to go viral. Social media is the problem.


Not get involved in another of the 1453 stupid racism discussions that plague this board, but… How about we just take out all the this-race-only places and stop with the identity politics shit? Seems like that solves a lot of the problems.

I’m probably not the best person to respond to this, but you’re responding to my post . My answer is the the line that starts “The left …”

People with dark skins feel like most places in the US (or, at least most places that reflect economic success or economic opportunity) are “this-race-only” places, where this-race is White. If you’ve got a dark skin in those places, you immediately feel out of place, like other people look at you and think you don’t belong. At the university, you want a place where you can hang with other people with similar experiences and re-charge before they go back out into the foreign country.

You’re going to say “don’t be such snowflakes”. I don’t think I’m the best person to get into that debate.

No, I’m going to correct you by saying only some people feel like most places in the US are “this race only” places.

I was answering a different person, not you.

Yes, I should have said “Some people …”

Non-white’s know what white people are thinking when someone looks at them?

Knocks on my head? Come in? I’m not reading anything here?

My university (huge state research university) had LOTS of non-white students. They had plenty of community without people being forced into buckets, and everyone pretty much just got along.

Okay, your turn. Why do you think some non-white people want “people who look like me”?


Being uncomfortable in an environment is fine. Projecting the reason for that on other people who are doing nothing but thinking, not fine. And that’s what you stated.

If I’m sitting there with cop stickers and chic filet that’s my problem. If I’m sitting there thinking, and you’re uncomfortable, that’s your problem.

And these dudes are claiming that they’re the second type, when in fact they’re the first. There’s a difference.

Indy said that non-white people they feel that other people think they don’t belong, not that all people think they do not belong. I agree with Indy.

A simple example: my friend who is black told me about when he was (luxury) car shopping. When he showed up with his white wife, they were treated well, went for test drives without showing id, etc. When he want to a dealer on his own, they were much colder, and made him hand over her drivers license before he could test drive. This was not surprising to him at all, he has had similar experiences his whole life. Is having to show your id and having a less friendly sales person the end of the world? Of course not, but these things adds up, and the feeling that much of society views you with distrust is understandable.

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Indy also seemed to be leaning towards agreeing with the ladies who shot the video who were of the opinion that a couple white guys minding their own business needed to get out of the building. Do you agree with that too?

Those guys weren’t minding their own business. They were acting like passive aggressive assholes and pretty sure they were there seeking confrontation. And they got it.

I do not think there is enough information to judge.

Do I think that a couple of white students truly just there to study and minding their own business should be asked to leave? No, I do not.

Do I think there is a decent chance that we do not know the whole story and that they were trying to stir shit and then protest when confronted? Yes, I do.

They weren’t the ones who posted the video. If they were there simply to protest when confronted, they’re not doing it right.

(Even if they were there simply to protest when confronted, is that a new standard? If you’re there to protest when confronted, then you’re in the wrong?)

It is possible for both parties to be in the wrong, you know…