Create microsoft sql table now that i'm far into my query

So, i have a query and have several strings of CTEs as part of my query and at some point things slow down, a great deal. One of my last CTES we’ll call bigtable and following are minitable1, minitable2…which are all subsets of bigtable where criteria1 and criteria2 are met.

If i do a select * from bigtable, the query runs in a reasonable amount of time.

If i do a select * from any of my minitables, the query takes an irrationally long amount of time.

To get around this, a coworker suggested i make a temp table of bigtable, which sounds good, but bigtable is the result of several CTEs.

Can making a temptable be as simple as

create table #importanttemptable as

select * from
with cte1 as (…)
, cte2 as (…)

, bigtable as (…)
select * from bigtable

What’s the easiest way to make a temp table out of a CTE, several CTEs in the making?

Till all are one, Epistemus

I did a little reading about why temp table might be a solution. It seems that CTEs are in memory, but temp tables are in tempdb, so maybe you are grinding on a memory limit.
You might separate the construction of the temp table and the insertion of the records into the table.
UserID int,
Name varchar(50),
Address varchar(150)

The tricky part is the ; that you need before the CTE. Not sure if the INSERT INTO will make ugly things happen.

Oh, and a trick I was told to help handle large INSERTs is to use WITH (TABLOCK) after the table name. Not sure if that is needed in a temp table.

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