So Ontario is getting locked back down again. Bars are getting restricted, no more than 10 people gathered inside at once and must social distance. Hopefully they keep it contained. This sucks, my daughter got married this year and there’s no wedding reception.

Hunting season is upon us, pretty much impossible to social distance. My son sits in a duck blind right next to his friends. And in three weeks it’s moose opener. Which means 10 of us, sleeping in prospector tents together and eating in shelters for a week.

I don’t see how we can limit risk once in camp. I’d like us all to get tested beforehand but they just shut down testing without symptoms. Sucks, because we have been very careful since this started, this is far and way the riskiest activity ive done.

Why not skip hunting season then?

Why did they reduce testing if it’s getting worse? That seems very backwards.

In the US, testing is apparently limited by the difficulty of dealing with the health insurance system (there was an interesting NPR piece on all the unused testing capacity, and how Harvard and MIT got around the mess that is our health insurance system by paying the lab directly for each test) but i wouldn’t expect that to be a problem in Canada.

I’m not sure why they slowed testing. I think for asymptomatic people they weren’t finding enough numbers to justify it and the system was getting clogged.

Seems counter intuitive to me, but the politicians are mostly listening to the scientists, so I’m mostly going along with it.

The second shutdown sucks. I’ve been doing driveway dinners for the neighbours, I’d cook dinner in the garage then people would pick up at the driveway. And now I dont think I’m doing that anymore. I don’t want to make the papers over giving the hood covid. Gonna miss that, it was a lot of fun and some much needed social interaction.