Covid vaccine mandates

Do you have a source for that?

Actually, in reading up on this it seems that Delta was not considered milder than the original virus for unvaccinated folks, but Omicron was.


that was my impression.

I see more recent articles say it is less severe.

It seems like it would be increasingly difficult to assess the severity of new strains as previously unexposed and unvaccinated population becomes harder to identify. Obviously people will know if they have been vaccinated, but for someone to be unvaccinated and never truly had COVID such as a minor or asymptomatic case? I am not sure how those can be studied reliably.

In any case, the hundreds that are still dying daily across the country seems to indicate it is still quite severe for many.

in 2021, the idea was to get as many people vaccinated as possible to control the outbreak. Vaccines were the best tool we had.

however, I believe we took it too far. should have played by the 80/20 rule. Instead we went full authoritarian oppressive to try to increase vax rates by 15% at the end. Im not convinced the strict measures put in place to force the last batch of holdouts was worth it.

I’ve had 5 shots and I’m about to get #6.

We went to a wedding recently. The invitation said anybody without 2 shots (or 1 J&J) should not attend and they request boosters if you’ve not had them.

I would not have attended otherwise.

I have begun not masking up for quick trips to a gas station bathroom for example but usually do in a grocery store (especially if I plan to be there for quite a while.)

A wedding with people I know are anti-vax would be… on the line of comfort versus social nicety. Not because I think a vaccine means you can’t get sick, but because I know on average how those people conduct their lives, and I’d rather not get COVID again. It was an unfun 22 days.

I am a dancer and have not gone to social dances yet, but might soon.

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I don’t think they anticipated how much of a culture war the pandemic would become. It didn’t matter if they used the carrot or the stick. For some people, any encouragement to take the vaccine was proof it didn’t work.

I had an aunt, when I posted on Facebook I had my first vaccine scheduled (a bit ahead of gen pop due to my disease) she posted a long message about how she’s “pleading with [me] to not get the experimental vaccine”.

She is a nurse. But she’s the kind that recommends tumeric over medicine. (Of course supplements can be a beneficial addition, she’s just anti-medicine).

It’s insane. She was posting on Facebook daily for quite a while that the vaccine kills you, it makes you magnetic, etc., until Facebook began putting her posts behind a button you had to click, and she left for whatever the MAGA Facebook is.

Doing this next month. It is outdoors, and I will be masked with an N95 with a cloth mask appropriate for the occasion over it. It continues to be disheartening that the person I will be sitting with is anti-vax, because they have been one of my best friends for 3/4 of my life.

Most of my gf’s family are right leaning, anti-vaxxers. Thankfully, they’re always kind to me and rarely bring up COVID or politics. Her brother-in-law, in fact, was hospitalized with COVID, which changed his mind on the vaccine real quick.

I think the mandates were a path back to normal, they served a purpose but it’s largely done, except perhaps for healthcare workers.

COVID will keep killing people for a while, but we can’t stop it at this point unfortunately.

I think the mandates made sense in 2021, when the vaccine mostly gave sterilizing immunity, and your vaccine protected other people. When covid mutated so that vaccinated people could catch it and spread it, the vaccine mandates stopped making as much sense. Today, your vaccination mostly serves to protect you, so it’s not really my business whether or not you are vaccinated.

At first, a lot of people thought Omicron was milder than original-strain covid, and there were some rodent studies that supported that idea. But careful statistical analysis found that it wasn’t – it just appeared milder because by the time it rolled around, almost everyone had some immunity. It was just as deadly as original-strain to the immunologically naive. Delta was nastier than either omicron or original strain. Some of the new omicrons look nastier than original omicron, but not as bad as delta. EXCEPT, the population impact is less, because of widespread prior immunity. Pretty much everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated has had covid, and those still alive mostly have immunity one way or another.

(All that being said, I am trying to organize an in-person thing, and I will be requiring vaccination. Not to prevent covid from spreading at my event but because I would never forgive myself if someone who choose to come to a thing I organized died because they were there. So only vaccinated need apply.)

Lucy is exactly right. I have nothing to add. Your 5¢ is in the mail.

what if they had a prior infection or several prior infections. wouldn’t they have just as good immunity as someone who got vaccinated? seems pretty rare that you’ll find an unvaccinated person who never had covid to reject in this scenario. also does your requirement also include a booster or is just the initial series fine even if that was a year and a half ago?.

I’m going to be asking for the recent booster or a recent case of covid.

I read an article this morning where the author suggested the CDC change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to primary series plus booster. I really don’t know why. I can’t think of a single thing in the US that requires vaccination anyway. Sure, like Lucy, private individuals can impose whatever vaccine requirement they want, regardless of the CDC.

Maybe it would be more about letting people with just the primary series know that they’re no longer “fully” protected. Either way, I don’t think it would move the needle at all.

The phrasing should be “up to date vaccinated.”

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I think they are moving to taking about whether your covid vaccine is up to date.