Covid Sniffing Dogs

Every few weeks or so on Reddit I see some articles about how dogs can be trained to sniff covid, or something, and they get a ton of upvotes.

But I’m thinking the obvious flaw in using this method of detection is well, dogs can get covid, so wouldn’t that be a problem? I sometimes see comments pointing that out, but they get downvoted to oblivion. Is there something I’m missing?

Hyphens are your friend, pal.
Do you mean to say that dogs who get COVID may get the symptom of not being able to smell? And that these dogs trained to sniff COVID won’t be able to do their jobs?
I think that is called “irony.”
And the answer is, “maybe, maybe not.”
Thing is, these dogs are NOT sniffing COVID the actual virus. They are sniffing a change in an odor that people emit when they have COVID. An odor that humans cannot (unless extremely gifted or cursed) detect.

Miami Heat have used them on those attending games.

Why do we have dogs in Heat? Shouldn’t they be neutered?