Cost of tuition = 10% of net worth

would this be the great equalizer? for 10% of your net worth, you can send your kid to a 4 yr college if they are accepted

also, since most schools are non profit, any surplus revenue goes to the govt as an excise tax

I will gladly be paid $X,XXX to send my kids away in the future.

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Asian parents like to pay for their kids’ tuition and then live with them for life

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Yes, in a heartbeat. Considering my net worth is right now fairly limited to my home equity. I have 4 kids. If I could use 40% of that equity and not pay a dime more, it’d be something like an 80% discount vs. what I’m planning for.

The kid would just pay with his own ($0) net worth…

yeah thought of that. Gotta be some rule like if the kid was a dependent in the prior ten yrs

or if kids family net worth is > $1M or something, since no kid with a family with this much money is paying their own way

as an aside, super yachts should have an excise tax of 1.5% of net worth

and luxury mansions/apts 3%

and drop the income tax ftw

I like the way this wookiee thinks.

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the middle class strikes back!

I mean it depends on the college. I’m not paying 10% for local college man.

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yeah not sure how to resolve that one. maybe a tier structure? 10% for top tier colleges and 0.5% for community colleges?

Get rid of government loans imo, that way the schools will actually be on the hook for offering something that gives you actual bang for your buck.


basically if ur net worth is like $100, you’ll have an incentive to send your kid to the best college possible

no need a loan since everyone can afford 10% of what they got

You might have to consider that elite colleges will simply reject poor people, but admit a handful to look good in their marketing materials. Well, they actually do that anyway but still…


there will probably be more pressure for elite schools to be more transparent as this would probably increase dramatically the number of poor but qualified applicants