Cool words you come across

I was reading an article about the Tonga volcano (on the national Geographic website) and came across: exsanguination.

“Such a terrifying outburst may represent the effective decapitation the volcano’s shallow magma reservoir and the speedy exsanguination of its molten contents”

Exsanguination means death by loss of blood.

I never saw the word before, and I doubt I’ll ever use it, but, to me, it’s a cool word.

Defenestration is another one…

I feel like I’ve heard exsanguination a lot. Maybe from law and order type shows?

Defenestration was a high school vocab word that never unstuck with me. Not many good opportunities to use it without presenting as a pretentious douche, which is regrettably my default.


JERRY: (Looks around his apartment) Look at this place. I can’t wait to get it cleaned.

GEORGE: I know someone who’ll do it. She’s good. She’s honest.

JERRY: No, Elaine got this writer friend from Finland, Rava. Her boyfriend goes to Columbia grad school, and he’s suppose to do it.

GEORGE: Students can’t clean. It’s anathema. (Jerry’s confused) …They don’t like it.

JERRY: How long have you been waiting to squeeze that into a conversation?


I use “anathema” often.

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Same. Maybe not ‘often,’ but I use it.

And while I don’t use defenestration often, I use the word fenestration a fair amount.

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Every time I come across a new word, I immediately hear it again in a different setting, and then I remember it for good.

scintillating is the current one

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I subscribe to the word of the day email.

It’s always fun to see if I know the word already, or try to figure out what it means. Then see if I can guess the roots.

One I learned from there years ago that I used, to many quizzical looks, was: maffick.


‘Crepuscular’ was in a question on ‘The Chase’ last nite.

Love that word!

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Crepuscular always makes me think of a dirty word. While also making me think of crepes.

Exsanguination appears in basically every vampire story.

And defenestration comes to mind during every work meeting.

I also really like the word “sanguine”, which basically means positive/hopeful, but literally means bloody, blood thirsty, blood red, and full of blood.