Conspiracy Theories that are True

Which conspiracies have turned out to be true?

Which do you think are true though you don’t know for sure?

The existence of Area 51.

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I think that the conspiracy theory that there are real conspiracy theories is just another conspiracy theory.

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Do we know how COVID started? I remember there being “conspiracy theories” about it being started in a lab, then Facebook/Twitter tried to shut those theories down, then didn’t some report come out saying it very well could have started from a lab?

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Yes, broadly speaking, it was downgraded from conspiracy theory to maybe true.

Im thinking more the typical:

-Someone accuses CIA of evil thing.
-CIA says “what??? that’s crazy!”
(50 years later)
-CIA admits to evil thing.

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That the Earth revolved around the Sun.
Doctors’ not washing their hands prior to birthin’ babies causes deaths in mothers.
Wright Brothers’ belief that man could make machines that can fly with a man on them.

Well, some that I’m pretty sure about: Big Bang, Gravity, Evolution. That we make machines that can fly with people in them.

That Ape descended from Man, and Taylor is the “missing link.” I mean, why would a human doll talk?? I saw a documentary on this. Five parts, plus a shitty TV documentary, then some reboot documentaries that changed the whole theory, with no time travel or anything!


I get what the OP was going for; but you might note the slight paradox in my humor-intended post.

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Are any of those conspiracy theories? I thought there needed to be some sort of conspiracy involved.

The FBI’s surveillance, harrasment and attempt to undermine MLK was once considered a conspiracy theory.


Need two people for a “conspiracy.” Mind you, the first one had bigger conspiracy trying to keep it untrue. So Copernicus and one other person. Wiki cites a few people who defended his theories. So, conspiracy.
Semmelweis had students defending his theory. So, conspiracy. Again, the established medical community ran a bigger conspiracy to snuff out his theory. (Again, according to wiki.)
I could go on.

Watergate? Wasn’t Martha Mitchell dismissed as a kook?


Before Snowden’s leaks, some folks dismissed claims of NSA shenanigans as conspiracy theory.

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In the 1970s, an FBI (J Edgar Hoover) official report said that there was no Mafia.

A conspiracy to limit the life of incandescent light bulbs:

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