Conflicted Thoughts

Trader Joe’s has their dark chocolate covered shortbread stars cookies in for the season. They are awesome and I could eat a whole box in a day.

I also need to lose weight.

I bought one box.


So you will have none for Thanksgiving?

I should take a walk but it’s cold and I want to put on pajama pants.

That’s what treadmills are for

I don’t have one. I ended up walking the dog instead.

firing up the treadmill this weekend. today was 19 degrees. coldest in a while. once the snow comes (and it stays here) i just can’t do it.

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Should I be annoyed or happy or stressed. Unclear.

I have an assignment due Tuesday still studying haven’t started. Going fishing for the weekend, haven’t done shopping or started packing. And my biz just went off the hook this week, I’m trying to study and my systems are going off with clients that need immediate work.

I guess I’m.mostly stressed, should try to be happy. Conflicted.