Companies that sell both health insurance and some other kind of insurance?

I see that there are many companies that sell both life and P&C insurance, but I can’t think of a company that sells health and P&C or health and life. Are there any?

NY Life
State Farm

I just don’t believe you which Life companies also sell health

I guess I just wasn’t paying attention because I’m in P&C, but I had no idea State Farm sold health insurance.

What about a company that sells all three and also has pension actuaries?

too much work - the three I listed, The Hartford

Also, did you mean Health? DI, LTC, CI or did you mean Medical?

I thought it was pretty common to sell both life & health. We do but we don’t sell major med. I think we got our of that line in the 1990’s.

Also I had a major med quote from State Farm in the late 80’s but no idea if they still sell it.

They do sell Medicare Supplement

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