Commericials I loathe

I just got a commercial on my phone (you know, to help pay for the “free” apps I use) from Groupon.

I starts out “Are you So $$$$in Ready?!” …where they bleep out the $$$$in but put that entire phrase in text (w/ grawlix in place of $$$$…GoA messes up the formatting if I type out the exact characters) on the screen.

IMO, that’s not appropriate…even for the free-wheeling internet. (YOMV.)

[red]I’m not going to buy from Groupon from now on.[/red]

I would certainly send Groupon some correspondence about this.

I don’t hate insurance commercials, but I get annoyed that Stu has to bring every new one to my attention


I wonder how much cheaper insurance can be if they didn’t have 4 commercials every hour on almost every conceivable platform.

liberty liberty li-berty li-berty

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Limu Emu!
(And Doug)


Yeah, those are the very specific ones he likes to point out to me. Geico is just too old school

:notes: I have a structured settlement and I need cash now! Call JG Wentworth! 877 CASH NOW :notes:

Any commercial where they are roasting marshmallows over a blazing fire. :fire:

Every over-produced, over-acted drug commercial.

So old school, at one time they were hiring cavemen for ads!!


Any of those commercials that start in black and white showing the poor slob fumbling around with some old fashioned doo hickey, but then they switch to colour showing people having altogether better lives with the new thingamabob!!! :roll_eyes: :confounded:

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I knew you were old, but NOT THAT old!

Yeah, next time you should do a little research.

It’s patrick! He took out life insurance!
The ad is full of one liners. It ran in Canada nonstop for years.

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Reverse mortgage ads make me laugh

Should we do a new thread for those sorts of ads?

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could I designate somebody I don’t care about?

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It’s just my inner obsessive-compulsiveness, but there is a regional insurer that has been advertising heavily for personal lines products in the Hartford TV market.

Early in the pandemic, they (like many other companies) shifted to a kinder, gentler “we’re all in this together” kind of tone. But I noticed that the borrowed some images from Canada, including the rainbow and “ça va bien aller” imagery that was quite popular in Québec at the time…blurring the text to be illegible unless you knew the source.

I checked, and that insurer doesn’t seem to have any ties to Canada, so I assume it was stock footage that their ad agency grabbed…but for some reason it just resonated poorly with me.

Yes, like your mortgage company!

The ones (usually drug commercials) where a baseball is thrown (usually into a catchers mitt) and on impact dust goes flying out from the mitt.