Coming soon "I don't understand" with William Shatner

William Shatner is going to host a new show on RT America

Speaking of his hopes for the show, Shatner expressed the universal, quintessentially human sense of curiosity that informs the show’s ethos.

“I have often pondered the questions we should be asking, but perhaps aren’t. Just how much stuff is in space? When I really think about it, I realize that I don’t understand anything. So, I’m going to ask questions no one else is on TV, and we’ll see if we can take a journey to enlightenment together,” he said.

Executive producer of the show and the head of the company Mikhail Solodovnikov said, “We are very proud to bring the inimitable talent of William Shatner to our network and digital platform Portable.TV. It is a show for the curious intellectual who would rather be educated than entertained by a TV show."

I wonder how much flak he would get for doing this. When Larry King died CBC (Canadian government propaganda outlet) refused to say that Larry King worked for rt tv

Neil Degrass Tyson does a pretty good show on youtube called Star Talk where they explore these kinds of questions

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Yeah, but … … Shatner!!

Yes, the thing the world needs is another famous once-was asking stupid questions. in the name of, well, money.

Yeah I’m not sure why an actor asking the questions is compelling. A lot more interesting with someone like Tyson who has the background to explore the question and explain humans’ understanding.

It also didn’t say he did informercials for Omega X which he started doing around the same time as the rt program. When you have to pay alimony to five or six ex wives you will do anything for money.

We watched “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” on Disney+ and it was very engaging. Shatner has a similar kind of grab your attention persona that I think would be fun to watch explore different topics.

I also read your response as Mike Tyson instead of the famous physicist and thought, I would watch that. I might have garbage taste.

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Will have to give that show a try

But NDT is a jerk and Shatner is a living legend.

He’s not that bad

Pluto is a planet, dammit!

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You know we’re not the first generation having to go through the loss of a planet. Decades ago they had “planets” that were just big rocks in the asteroid belt.

And who knows, maybe one day Jupiter will graduate into almost tiny Brown Dwarf category

Shatner is f’ing 90 years old! Pretty admirable he’s doing much of anything in show biz!

As I predicted lots of fans are upset about him “selling” his program to rt America.

William Shatner’s twitter feed

I never cared much about star track or Star Wars, but I did watch his SNL skit where he said “get a life…” apparently many fans had a melt down about that, I learned about it long after.

Like an old Joe Rogan