Coffee dunk

So my cat got curious and dunked his paw into my coffee and had a sip. This coffee is pretty expensive, even though I made it myself, so I drank it anyway. It also takes me like 10 minutes to make since it’s a slow pourover.

Like, would you do that or would you just make another cup? I mean cuz he also buries his poop with his hands and stuff you know. I guess I’ll find out next morning if this was a bad idea.

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I’d shot the cat so it never happens again.

Is your cat named Joe DiMaggio? I hear he was a dunker.

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surprising considering what a huge germaphobe you are.

not sure what i’d do. might also drink it anyway.

what brand of coffee is it?

If it was still very hot, that’ll help keep the germs at bay.

At least the whole cup didn’t spill onto your work area/equipment.

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Like the paw the cat uses in the litter box?

CS drank cat poo. Ew

a lot of people do

so, are you saying it’s not gross?

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You and I should go for coffee some time - but without the cat!!

The cats don’t get to put their paws or mouth on my mouth/nose/eyes. Also they don’t get to lick my fingers.

Bonk me with your forehead on my chin or forehead, knead biscuits on my tummy, lick my toes. Inherently cats track some poo, but I avoid anything clearly going from your butthole to my mouth. (Cats and people)

Would you eat a sandwich someone wiped their foot on after walking through a sandbox full of sewage?


What kind of sandwich?


It’s been 5 hours and I’m still #3 on the Bristol scale so I might be in the clear.

like no mention of the kind of bread, cheese, toppings, or condiments? how does one answer this incomplete a question


My nephew is seriously into coffee, did an internship working on a coffee plantation in Columbia, and works for a company that sells upscale coffee.

He tried civet coffee once. He says it’s just as gross as it sounds, and anyone who claims otherwise is gaslighting you.

I’d be annoyed if my cat dipped her paw in my coffee, but I’d probably drink it. Yes, she walks in the litter box on that paw, but then she cleans herself. And how much is coming off her paw before she yanks it out of the hot liquid, anyway?



There are plenty of civet poop coffees available on Amazon where you can make at least a few cups for $20-40. Maybe they are fake, but that might actually be a good thing in this case.