Classification of Website

My work PC won’t allow me to view this site because it’s classified as “Personal Sites and Blogs, Games, and Social Network”

But I can go to the new actuarial outpost and the average actuary site.

So why can’t I get on here?? Any thoughts? Probably nothing that can be done, but I thought I’d ask.

Need to find out who (or what) classified it as such, fix whatever the cause is (maybe that “games” sub-forum) or have GameOfActuaries top people fix that classification, and get back to us.

Probably have to ping IT. It’s systems on their end making this classification.

I’m guessing that some of the underlying “registry” stuff is showing that the other sites are “owned” by companies or recognized business.

How is GoA showing up in terms of “ownership”?

I agree that contacting IT to get this site reclassified. Business Case: Exam communities. Professional Networking communities. Secret Hitler!!

Hmmmm. that wouldn’t be my guess. More likely they’ve got some sort of software that scans the content and tries to make a determination. But, who knows.

I’ve got a feed on the homepage that shows recent threads, and the hitler game is there all the time. I’d wonder if that’s not causing the issue.

The issue predates secret Hitler. And I can get to, but not We’ll see if I work up the courage to reach out to my IT department.

Oh. I bet they can tell it’s a forum and thats’ the problem.

Yeah, but the old AO was ok, and those other two sites are ok. Just annoying. I was just using the app on my phone, but it was rough doing secret Hitler only on my phone.

At my employer, the old AO got a specific green-light because students used it to discuss exam stuff.

Oddly, this used to be restricted by my employer, but now it’s accessible. I think it’s because they blanket-ban “new” sites, and this is no longer now.

Maybe they see that you’re Canadian. :face_with_head_bandage: