CL, EL, Cups and non-EPL League discussion

Yeah, anything prior to Third Round Proper is not included in my query.
Looking at the schedules this year, it doesn’t seem to affect the scheduled schedule. But, any team in the Champions League who draws their FA Cup match will be playing one more match in an already too-long schedule.
This year 3rdRP replays were played 1/16 and 1/17. 4thRP was in February.
EPL played midweek on 1/30, 1/31, 2/1.

Yeah, Arsenal struggled to get out of the Round of 16 for quite a few successive years so this is a bit of a breakthrough for them.

For the sake of adding another team to the Champions League, the Europa League tomorrow has two important matches:
BHA down 4-0, need to beat Italy’s Roma, and WHU, down 1-0 need to beat Bundesliga’s Freiberg. Italy (16.571 coefficient points) and Germany (15.500) are ahead of England (15.000) in the UEFA Coefficient, Germany only by half a point. Advancers add an extra point, and each point is worth 3/4 of a point (currently).
BVB have won today. ATM and INT are tied on aggregate in extra time at this moment. The EPL Need ATM to win.

Let’s revisit the cost of ManU picking it. Newcastle at least was in toughest group.

OK, ATM beat INT, but it was a shootout, so Italy still got the point for a draw. INT now out of the tournament, so no more points from them.

BHA get two points for the EPL, but do not advance.
WHU come on strong and win 5-0 today.
Italy have three teams still in this tourney. Easier matches than Champions League.
Draw tomorrow.

AVL stay alive, winning and advancing in the Europa Conference League. Fiorentina still alive in that tournament.

Nice story about PSV and the three players plus one Director:

OK, the QF draw has been announced as has the rest of the tournament bracket.
And a bunch of others.

In the Europa League, LIV and Bayer could met in the Final, but it would be better if WHU beat Bayer and the next Italian opponent. Serie A is pretty comfortably ahead, so WHU beating Bayer is critical for that sweet, sweet fifth Champions League team.
Oh, and LIV beating Atalanta will be critical as well. Both LIV and WHU advancing to the Final would be big points for EPL.

Bayern against Arsenal was also of interest to me. Harry Kane will be looking forward to playing against his former London arch rivals.

Liverpool were drawn against Atalanta in the Europa League quarterfinals as Jurgen Klopp’s team continue their quest to complete the quadruple in the German coach’s final season in charge.

Well, some kind of quadruple. Might as well be competing in the CONCACAF Champions League.

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Er, some kind of treble.

Not club, but France needs to make sure players’ priorities are right:

FFF president Philippe Diallo said in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro on Wednesday that he has put in place new rules regarding players fasting for Ramadan while on France duty, arguing that a “principle of neutrality” is written into the organisation’s founding statutes and that the measures “ensure that religion does not interfere with an athlete.”

Cuz, sports are most important.

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Turkey Super Lig has shit for fans.

Probably should do the prudent thing and have another league already offering to take them in. MLS might, for a large franchise fee.

Need an ARS win, preferably two, vs Bayern. EPL needs that fifth team next year. Each win for an ENG squad is worth 0.25 coefficient points, and ENG still has five teams playing versus Bundesliga’s three. The leagues are only 0.1 point apart at this moment.

Also, Fenerbahce walk off the field after the first goal is scored by Galatsaray. Guessing it was planned: they suited up their U19 team, and that they let the other team score. This article doesn’t state this, but why leave if not planned?

The members (fans, groups, or whatever) decided to stay in the Turkish league, probably because where else would they go? To the Greek League, which has its own issues?

“EPL needs that fifth team next year”

This sounds like a Spurs/Villains fan speaking to take all the pressure off since ManU is likely not going to run down one of these teams. Liverpool have AV and Spurs in the last 3 weeks. If it looks like EPL gets 5, those games might not have the same level of significance. They will certainly be tough, but fighting for CL or knowing you’re in are 2 different things.


Great brace of matches tomorrow at noon our time. Sounds like my visiting English SIL and I might need to have lunch at one of our local English pubs tomorrow.

Eh. Having the fifth team means more potential coefficient points for future years, and it keeps LaLiga Stans shut up. (poke)

La Liga has one good team left, 2 that are competitive but aren’t what they used to be and a team that can compete in Europa League (or used to) but with no teams left. Europa Conference is not a big deal but does indicate depth. In 3 years Spain got 1 team into knockouts. 10 leagues have at least 3 teams.

La Liga is behind France now and could continue to face pressure from other leagues like Dutch and Belgian.

Why are these matches on at the same time?? Oh, the Sophie’s Choice we all have of determining which match to watch!!

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