CL, EL, Cups and non-EPL League discussion

VAR was ok in the RM game. The refereeing was not great though.

Hate to say it, but…
I agree with you.

The crap part of “handball” is there will always be a line of demarcation somewhere along the arm. And the ball will occasionally hit that line.

As for the other decisions i cannot comment.

Maidstone United. :heart:

Xavi is leaving Barcelona. The descent to a 2nd tier team continues without Messi.

Not that I follow the 3 team competition in Spain but didn’t Barca win league by 10 pts last year?

You can win a league and still be collapsing in the background due to inconsistency. Barcelona’s real problem is that many of their executives are incompetent and corrupt.

From what I see on the ground, there is a big disconnect now between them (who think Barcelona needs to keep adding big name players that cost €€€), reality (Barcelona is broke and cannot afford them), and results from hard work and quality squad (adding in a mish mash of players that are world class doesnt make a good team). You need time and work to make them cohesive. This has not been done so you get very inconsistent results.

Essentially, the executives are dimwits that wanted results in 1 or 2 years, while realistically what they needed was a solid 5 year plan using their academy (which is still very good) when Messi left. The end result of this is chaos and inconsistency - similar to what Chelsea went through the last few years

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Here is an interesting issue for MCI and its mega-soccer-club-owning group:

TLDR: If Girona win LaLiga and MCI do NOT win the EPL, MCI drops to the Europa League, cuz both teams are owned by the same company.
Surprised MCI hasn’t been loaned the top players from Girona.
Or, they haven’t worked on naming someone else the owner of Girona.

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News from Bunde, chick coaches team after dude coach shoved an opponent in the face, last week, earning a red card.
Thinking a chick coach wouldn’t ever do that, but that would be sexist thinks.

I root every year for the top teams to suck ass while the underdogs rise toward the top. I know it’s almost never going to happen, but I hate the idea that before a season begins, 2/3rds of the league has zero chance to contend for a title and almost all of those teams are going to spend much of the year doing little more than trying to avoid relegation and stay up for the next year.

If Barcelona goes into the shitter, good. I hope they go there and stay there for a decade or more.

Reyna to Nottingham Forest?

Wondering if VAR gets involved in this one:

In other Euro leagues this weekend:
Bayer (1) host Bayern (2). Rest of the league is way behind, though the #4 Champions Leagues spot is up for grabs.
Madrid (1) host Upstarts Girona (2). #3 Barca are six points behind #2.
Both on ESPN+, at the same time (3:30PM EST)! Sheesh, ESPN, use your muscle to move one of these!
I’ll see what I can do about watching, with some guys camping for Super Bowl. Maybe someone has ESPN+.

Madrid utterly crushed Girona today 4-0 (almost 5-0 but Joselu missed a PK in the 90th)

League over. Now time to focus on what matters (CL).

RM is firing on all cylinders now with Bellingham. No way City can compete with them.

Bayern needs help now. Ass whooped and no games left against leaders.

Leverkusen is the better team. They work way better as a unit.

Xabi will be awesome Liverpool manager

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What a win in the league cup for Liverpool. It certainly is not the most prestigious event but the team they won with was a bunch of teenagers. Funny at 0-0, they bring on the academy squad and Chelsea bring on a 90m pound attacker. Keeper was incredible with choices and saves. Guys on field at end include Bradley, McConnell, Clark, Quansah and Danns to go w Elliott for 6 guys 21 and under. Danns as 18 yo striker had a couple nice attempts. The guy expected to be their best young star has been out all year. Klopp was incredibly excited for youngsters. Really cool.

Gary Neville is sometimes very annoying as a pundit but he got this one broadly correct.

That squad is just all over the place. Will take years to fix.

Alright! Made it into the Europa Conference League Playoff Round!