Choose Your Own ChatGPT Adventure

Let’s go on an adventure with ChatGPT.

What choice should Allan make?
  • Help Charles; Page 2
  • Ignore Charles; Page 3
  • Page 42

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Poll closes sometime late Friday night. Expect an update Sunday night for Monday-voting.


How did ChatGPT learn about Pillow and salt water?

too little info about past relationship to make a good assessment.

but lack of planning on his part doesn’t constitute an emergency on my part

And I’ve got to get these TPS reports done.

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ChatGPT must have consumed the AO before it imploded.

Ignore Charles:

  • Help Charles; Page 4
  • Solve Problem/Forget Charles; Page 5
  • Page 42

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Doesn’t the boss realize the trouble we’ll be in if I don’t complete these TPS reports???

Boss needs to see me??

Aint Nobody Got Time For That GIFs | Tenor

:bump: we need more votes…also if you want me to prompt c hee at got with any keywords let me know .

(FYI, c hee at got = Chatgpt )

I already voted twice. How many more times do you want me to go?

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Should alts vote the same as the primary id?

And if an alt adopts the strategy “ask Chatgpt and follow its advice”, is that OK even if it sometimes agrees with and sometimes disagree with what the Primary id chose? Asking for a friend

Alts are required to use the pseudo-patented VA-Algorithm:

If there are N-choices, then make (up to) N+1 random selections; and pick the option that appears twice the first time.


I guess that’s all chatgpt wants to write. :man_shrugging:



Now, can you do that story again?

Also, I don’t know of many actuaries “reading through policies to determine the best course of action.” This is something that either Underwriting does, or the legal department (especially when there’s a claim at stake).

Wait, what?? :astonished:


I thought the same thing. No way an actuary thinks this, ever.

[pedantic reply]Yes, I can…[/pr]

Maybe the reserves were the numbers we crunched along the way…


Maybe you need a more enticing premise.