Cawthorn loses his primary

Per NYT. Will try to update with a link

From NPR: Madison Cawthorn concedes in North Carolina's GOP primary : NPR

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Well the Rs voted one crazy out. Moral of the story. Don’t blow the whistle on Congressional Sex Orgies



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I’d vote for Cawthrone. He’s hot. Would be in orgy with him.

It is strange that Cawthorn apparently went too far and lost the support of Republican colleagues, but that MTG, Gaetz, and Boebert have not. Maybe it was the orgy comment.

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everything’s fair game, but don’t ruin everyone’s good orgy time.

First rule of Congressional Sex Orgies…


the orgy comment attacked the colleagues. and then the leaked photos of him wearing lingerie sounded alarms among the people for whom no explanation could be given that would excuse it. (a subset of the deplorables).

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Man I do hope cawthorn is a closet case. I expect to see his dick pic soon.


Yeah, I’d assumed it was the lingerie. Nobody seems to care about orgies, rape, (real) child molestation, etc.

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Also might be an indicator of Trump losing his touch. He was one of the GOP guys still publicly supporting Cawthorn. Apparently NC voters didn’t care much about his endorsement