Catch me if you can - insuretech edition

live free young man. before they getcha

do they cut hands off in Dubai

  • BC’s search history, probably
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I don’t know why I find myself rooting against Root, but I do. And yes, ISWIDT.

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Most insuretechs are scams trying to rip off investors. I’m not surprised they employ scammers

Nothing delights me like the plummeting stock price of Bright, Oscar, and Clover

He spent $20k on plastic surgery. Now they’ll never find him.

The William Campbell part seems totally weird. Silver funnels $13MM to Campbell’s company, which gets funneled back to a Silver company, and Campbell doesn’t see anything wrong? Where did he think he was sending the money and why?

Also, apologies to anyone with any of the names, but I laughed when I saw that Brinson Caleb’s sister was Paige. Too many clichés in a row.

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ok so are they gonna detain him or what