Carlson leaving Fox

Article doesn’t tell me where I can watch him now.

It’d be super :popcorn: if he went someplace like OAN

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I’d be delighted if his only platform is his own Twitter feed and Facebook page



Maybe he could do like the disgraced Dilbert comic, have his own subscription model?

Why did a start a new thread for this? We already had a Happy Thoughts thread.


Don’t forget the lying liars thread.

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Wonder to what extent his leaked texts about hating Trump and Trump being the Devil factored into this. It may have put a dent into his viewership, although I would put good money that most of his viewers don’t care about his own admission of lying to their faces.

I would expect RT TV.

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Not to be one upped, CNN fires Con Lemon the same day.


They should hook up for a morning show. I wouldn’t watch it, but I’d enjoy the hot takes.

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Can I #both sides this topic?

Maybe Tucker and Don will have a show together on some network??? stranger things have happened (not frequently, but I sure they have once or twice in the last 1,000 years)

dammit - ninjaed!


I am sad neither NBCnews or CNN websites used a “confused face” pic of Carlson with the headline. That would be classic.


That was probably more of a factor than his lying.

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Yo. When a company has to forfeit 2/3 of net income, somebody has to jump in the barrel. That’s just life in Corporentia. Sort of like pro sports… it may not be all on the manager, but falling on the sword is part of his job description. It doesn’t really help much to fire the towel boy.

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RT is offering:

Hey [@TuckerCarlson], you can always question more with [@RT_com]

Some of Tuck’s not ready for prime time texts in the court case.

Carlson’s exit is related to the discrimination lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg, the producer fired by the network last month, the sources said. Carlson’s senior executive producer Justin Wells has also been terminated, according to insiders.

The above may be true but the time of the firing and the $787M settlement sure make is seem like it’s about the huge loss. Though I guess if it was Ingrahm and Hannity would both be gone so who knows.


That LA Times article and timing makes it sound like last night’s 60 Minutes interview with Ray Epps could have been the final straw for Murdoch.

Alan Dershowitz, on Carlson’s firing:

And I do think that we are poorer today, with less diversity.

I didn’t realize his sense of humor was intact.


Sure NOW republicans want diversity.