Canadian Housing Bubble

I don’t really get why Canadians don’t just build a whole bunch more housing or something. Don’t you guys have like, a lot of land?

Igloos FTW!

Much of their land is not attractive for housing now, too far from existing cities. (Climate also a factor, but location of existing cities and climate are not independent.)

We have lot of laws around densification. Urban land has to be built in and up. Rural farmland can’t really be used to build houses. And most of the country is govt land not private.

There’s also some suggestion that offshore money is being used, Canada is seen as a safe haven. That might be driving prices up.

Red is private, green is govt;

I got 2 (TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) houses on my street for sale!!! Come on up!!! :houses:

Am I reading that r/MapPorn correctly: the porn is concentrated in the southeast? Where you live, I believe? NTTAWWT

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What is dark green? Land belonging to Prince William?

Something like that. It’s called crown land, so it’s federal lands.

All the camping,atving, canoeing and hunting you can stand. Head north for a few hours and there’s no worry about private lands.

Those little SFHs on Spadina are so cute. They’re like that funny house in Up that should have been condo-ized 30 years ago.

Provided that the Sherriff of Nottingham don’t catch you or one of your Merry Men first, amirite?

You are right. I’ve had the ministry guys show up to check docs in places I don’t even know how they got there. One guy said they saw us head down the trail and it took him an hour and a half to get his truck to where we were.

Um, how did YOU get there?