Canada <> US

He was playing soccer when it happened. That seems more relevant than “worked long hours”. Probably had an underlying genetic heart issue. This happens occasionally to college and professional athletes.

Long hours sitting and working is certainly something that will take a toll on your health over a longer term. Especially if you go from that, to having a late dinner, to drinking, and then getting not enough sleep. I don’t think this is unique to the finance industry. The sitting all day might make it all worse compared with blue collar shift workers pulling frequent double shifts (my dad often did this 2-3 times a week) while moving around a lot more.


Victoria Day holiday here in Canada. Traditional weekend for opening up the cottage for those who have one. Americans get their “first summer” holiday next week.


Connecticut Congresswoman declares New Haven to be pizza capital of the US. New Yorkers not impressed.

I’ll take Chicago style over thin NY style any day.

That said, there’s definitely good pizza to be had in a LOT of places, so it’s kind of a dumb claim to begin with … for ANY city.

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Well, NY probably has the most places. Chicago seems to be the most unique, and Pequod’s the best of all of them. The problem though with Chicago pizza is the eternity it takes to bake one, and it seems like something you can only eat about once every 6 months as you need to forget how ill you felt after eating that second piece.

What’s up with LA? Is CPK all they have to offer?

I used to have a roommate that worked at CPK and he would bring us pizzas all the time. It’s ok, not my favorite by any stretch, but they were the first big chain to have lots of eclectic options.
Pretty much every town in California has a really good mom-and-pop pizza place imo. Lots of variety, but no big recognizable names.

More a bowl of cheese than pizza, but, cheese is delicious.

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It should be pointed out that most places in Chicago also sell thin crust

My experience with thin crust pizza from a Chicago pizzeria is it might be the worst pizza in the country.

That bad?

I still think NYC edges out Chicago for Pizza, but I did not have a horrendous experience (only once at O’Hare but that was airport food so I am not counting it).

I expect the issue is that the Chicago places just take the ingredients they have and make a thin crust pizza. The dough is the primary problem with doing this - what might make for a great deep dish pizza crust will not work at the other end of things. Perhaps they solve this by making their own dough for the deep dish pizza, and then use some sort of pre-made frozen crust for thin. Ovens temps should probably also be set differently, but they aren’t because ovens are expensive and take up a lot of space.

I worked at a pizza restaurant in high school. The dough was made in house daily. It made a pretty good hand tossed crust, but was lousy as a deep dish. The thin was alright. If I were to guess, customers ordered 90% hand tossed, 9% thin, and 1% deep dish.

So to me, Chicago thin crust ends up almost seems like the amount of dough you would use for a handtossed pizza, but due to the baking characteristics ends up compressed and flat. They also put on too much cheese and sauce (in the spirit of the deep dish), so the result is something that is fairly unmanageable to eat since everything just slides off as soon as you pick up a slice.

The place I worked had a few more interesting options at the time that were minor variations of usual pizza combinations. CPK seems like they did make the idea that pizza can be more than cheese and pepperoni mainstream.

A home cooked favorite is caramelized onion with sauteed mushrooms and spinach, a brush of olive oil instead of red sauce, and some goat cheese sprinkled on top before the bake.

Lou Malnati’s!!! :yum:

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Pizza is like politics. Everyone has an opinion! :grinning:


Good gosh, this Chicago stuff is getting ridiculous. 1) Deep dish pizza is not an everyday pizza. It is most often eaten when you’ve got visitors from out of town who want to eat it. If nobody comes to visit, maybe once a year? Maybe not. 2) What some call “tavern-style” pizza is what I would think of when you say “Chicago pizza”. It’s the stuff we eat every day. And, yeah, you can eat it every day. And it doesn’t take forever to cook. 3) The “same dough” argument is ridiculous. If you go to Unos, Gino’s East, etc, etc, you order deep-dish. If you don’t go to one of the places known for deep-dish, you don’t order deep-dish.

Not my very favorite pizza but one I do miss since moving away from the mid-West is Jet’s pizza (Detroit-style).

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And if it doesn’t match mine it’s clearly wrong!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :wink:

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Our daughter and her family live in the Chicago area. Whenever we’re there visiting and they want to order a pizza, they ask me what I want. I tell them " NOT Chicago style". Once they ordered a Detroit style pizza. Didn’t care for it either.

My favorite is the Neapolitan style. I read that pizza was first invented in Naples, Italy. We’ll, they got it right, at least for me.


But at least we can all agree that Steubenville/Ohio Valley style pizza is trash.

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