Canada <> US

That is actually an example where Canada WAS great before NFL salaries exploded and the CFL could no longer compete for the top talent. It was great to be able to watch talents like Joe Theisman play in Toronto but that era ended in the 1970’s.

The North American gladiatorial sport involving the fondling of the leather egg-shaped thing isn’t really football.

Someone from Seattle has the same accent as someone from Vancouver but both are very different than someone from a small town in Alabama: regional accents vary greater than for Canadians and Americans living in proximity to each other.

English English is not just different than North American English by accent but many words are also different: boot for the trunk of a car, crisps instead of chips, etc. My and my kids’ accents quickly became more English English-sounding when we lived there than our change to use the English word for things.


I may have posted this on the old Outpost, but I was in the US years back on business when some people asked to say “out and about”. Of course, I had to say it with a bit of a long drawl for them. :grin:


We’re number one in something:


Congrats and I’d really like to try it, but it seems to me that “best pizza” is one of the most subjective foods in the world.

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Of course, but I was planning to be in that town around June/July of this year. Might have to stop by in addition to my several poutine stops.

Why though. Hamilton, not exactly the tourist capital of canada.

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IS there a tourist capital of Canada???

There’s a million places worth visiting in Canada. Montreal Ottawa gananoque, eastern provinces,.the Rockies, Vancouver.

Just not Hamilton. An unremarkable with nothing of note.

We’ve family in Hamilton and will be vacationing in the general vicinity. So, dropping by.

I have family there too. Still not enough of a reason for me to go there lol.

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Interesting. Am planning a trip to Canadaland so might pop by for a slice so that wife & daughter can have a decent Canadian pizza.

The US builds stadiums thousands of miles away from the home area of the club in question.

Oakland Athletics vs Las Vegas stadium

Tropicana Las Vegas Closing Tuesday to Make Way for a Baseball Stadium

You mean you don’t make an annual pilgrimage to the CFL Hall of Fame?

You mean US builds new stadium so team can move 500 miles?

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Its not a done deal apparently (moving the As from Oakland to Vegas).

People leaving BC for Alberta in record numbers: analogous to Californians moving to Texas.

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Shouldn’t this be in the Canada == US thread?

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