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Investigation still under way but he may have contributed to 100+ deaths globally including many in the US.

The article is weirdly worded. Is he intending to be an illegal practitioner of assisted suicide or was he just indiscriminately selling poison to anybody with cash?

Because I really liked Kevorkian and am an advocate for legal suicide under certain restrictions, but it reads like this guy didn’t care and would send minors poison for suicide, or any other purpose the recipient wanted.

Regardless of my advocacy for legal suicide, that doesn’t include sending minors poison sight unseen.

A quick scan of the photos of the deceased makes it look like the latter.

Dr. Kevorkian assisted in the suicides of elderly people with terminal illnesses and/or interminable pain IIRC (I was still pretty young when he was eventually convicted.) However the people listed as Kenneth Law’s victims are in their teens, twenties, and thirties and a lot of profiles mention mental health issues.

So while both might well be called “assisted suicide”, the ethics of assisting in the suicide of a 90 year old invalid in constant physical pain are pretty different from a 17 year old who’s struggling with depression.

Agreed. I think that legal assisted suicide, going beyond our traditional understanding of euthanasia for the elderly/terminal, should be an option with certain restrictions. This ain’t it.

(I am very strongly of the opinion euthanasia for terminal conditions should be legal. Legal suicide for physically healthy patients is a further argument but I still support it with guardrails, whereas this man took no precaution.)

Canada is one of the most accommodating countries in the world on medically assisted death so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the Ontario court.

Dr. K was also different because he was more directly involved with the suicides. Ken Lewis will argue he only sold his product but it was the recipient’s decision what to do with it. Unless there is an email trail showing he persuaded these individuals to die the Crown would appear to have a weak case but IANAL.

True… I have no idea what rules there are about selling sodium nitrite in Canada, but he might have fallen afoul of those. Or if he was providing guidance on how much to take in order to kill yourself or something then that might have been against the rules? No idea.

I am not a lawyer either, but i could spin it another way.

Kevorkian considered each person in turn. Maybe his judgement about whether it was ethical to help them commit suicide was wrong, but he doesn’t seem to have been careless.

Selling suicide drugs through a web site is entirely different. I don’t know the details, but could imagine it being easier to spin as indifference towards those buying the drug, maybe for some kind of personal gain. And maybe that indifference becomes reckless indifference.


So the Province of Quebec is hiking tuition rates dramatically for out of province students attending what they call “English universities” in Quebec. The most affected school will be McGill University which is the best university in Canada in certain disciplines and has been so for 200+ years. 80% of students from outside Quebec going to McGill will now have to be French proficient by the time they graduate in addition to paying much higher tuitions than students from Quebec. This type of discrimination against students from other provinces does not exist in universities in other provinces. A Quebecker in an Ontario school pays the same as an Ontario.

The move is purely political as it will not help to preserve the French language in Quebec but rather it will diminish greatly the quality of its best university as it will lose many students. McGill attracts students from across Canada and from around the world and has had a diverse student population as a result. What makes the situation worse is that no federal politician is speaking out against Quebec’s actions as everyone wants the Quebec vote.

There are other “shakedown” aspects of the law for McGill and the other Quebec universities that are not viewed as being French enough. A very sad situation for some quality institutions.


The CAQ has always struck me as populist/nationalist, so this latest move doesn’t really surprise much.

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I’d actually go a step further and call blatant anglophobia on the part of Legault and CAQ.


This story reminds me of this article I read years ago. The stuff Quebec comes up with is just so unhinged sometimes.

I disagree with most of the CAQ’s policies towards “foreigners” (which pretty well includes anyone who is not descended from the French families who originally settled Quebec.). However I like most of their environmental policies including Hydro Quebec’s proposed massive investments in green energy. I have run out of free Globe and Mail articles to share but this excerpt from an article gives some idea of the commitment. And this is from a province of less than 9 million people:

Michael Sabia’s grand plan to make Quebec a green-energy powerhouse.

The Sabia blueprint will see Hydro Quebec spend as much as $185-billion to transform Quebec’s energy landscape from now until 2035, including an estimated $110-billion on new clean power generation facilities and $50-billion to improve the reliability of the electrical grid. The goal: Decarbonize Quebec’s economy and build wealth by making the province a magnet for innovative companies using and producing green energy.

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Flood indigenous land to help the south…

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That was indeed the historical approach.

A major aspect of this initiative will be consultation with indigenous groups and opportunities for them to share the proceeds from the investments. A big part of this will be solar and wind power. Cynically, that might result in panels and windmills on indigenous lands rather than flooding them! However, hopefully we are in a new era of respecting indigenous rights after our despicable history in this regard.

Per the plan, on a MW gen basis, the majority will be hydro, then wind. Solar farms about 3%, plus rooftop solar incentives. Some of the hydro increase will be at existing facilities, but new will be built. CN being so far north means lower gen ability for solar hardware.

In other Canadian news, Woody the talking Christmas tree is back again this year at the Mic Mac mall in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. The link to a current story in the Globe about this creepy tree was behind a firewall so am recycling an old CNN story about it. Some folks are easily amused……an excerpt from the current Globe story follows the CNN piece.

Woody the talking Christmas tree delights and terrifies visitors at a Nova Scotia mall

Every day in December, groups of terrified children and snickering shoppers stand by to watch his animatronic, Kardashian-lashed eyes flip open at noon.

Fresh off a flight from Calgary, Lauren Greengrove beetled down the hall of a Dartmouth mall, her husband, sister and parents in tow.

“Oh my gosh. He’s HERE. I’m SO excited,” she screamed when she saw the formidable triangular frame rising between the escalators.

Ms. Greengrove’s family, rolling their eyes ever so slightly, had travelled with her across the country to watch her receive her master’s degree in education at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S., earlier this month.


Is this in the US <> Canada thread because he didn’t get shot in the mall? /s

This would scare the shit out of my kid.

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It was put out n this thread by default as the bar for getting stories into the WTF News thread has gotten so high.