Can you Aussies help me out here?

Yo I’ve got some questions for you guys across the pond, I and by pond I mean the bigger of the two.

OK first things first, how do you pronounce bogan?

Particularly of the cashed-up variety.

Rhymes with slogan. I wouldn’t call them that to their face though. Not unless you want a bit of argy-bargy.

When you flush your toilet, which direction does the water spin?

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We should NOT go for Happy Hour if it’s gonna full of cashed-up bogans. :-1:

RN :rofl:

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Did someone ask if you have kangaroos in your top paddock?

Hey I heard you guys last had a recession in 1991. Are you all rich or something

Hey I gotta question for you

Why don’t you guys just change the color of your flag to green and yellow already

There was mention of it. It would make it easier for Packers fans to blend in while visiting Australia or Australians to not stick out so much when they visit Wisconsin.

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